Paramount and Kingston to offer movies on a Flash drive


November 9, 2009

Kingston and Paramount have teamed up to offer movies on Flash digital media

Kingston and Paramount have teamed up to offer movies on Flash digital media

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If you buy Kingston Flash memory in the near future you might just get a little more than a way to store your digital media. Paramount Digital Entertainment has teamed up with Kingston to offer full-length movies on Flash memory cards.

The feature films will be made available on Kingston's Flash memory products either as part of a bundle or specifically for sale as a digital movie. The company's Rick Webb said that the company is looking forward to working with Paramount Digital Entertainment, a division of Paramount Pictures Corp, "to bundle additional Paramount content on our full line of USB drives and Flash memory cards."

This format will no doubt be welcomed by users of devices such as netbooks, who might not have easy access to DVD or Blu-Ray optical drives or may not have enough disk space to make digital downloads a viable option.

It will be interesting to see if this particular method of supplying digitized movies will also prove of interest to fans of digitized media with PCs and laptops. A lot will depend on pricing, available titles, video format and video quality of course but at present details are scant.

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Wow, I wonder what format they plan on using and whether it\'ll be DRM-free. Aren\'t they worried about piracy? Perhaps paramount will elect to only use unsuccessful movies.

Gruph Norgle
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