King Edison combines a chandelier and a light bulb


June 7, 2013

The King Edison Pendant Lamp consists of a tiny working chandelier encased in a light bulb-like glass globe

The King Edison Pendant Lamp consists of a tiny working chandelier encased in a light bulb-like glass globe

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Chandeliers can be pretty classy if they’re done right, but they can also take up a lot of space and gather a lot of dust. What someone should do is make a tiny chandelier, and encase it in a light bulb-like globe. Well, wouldn’t ya know it, that’s just what UK designers Brendan Young and Vanessa Battaglia did – and you can buy one, if you’ve got the cash.

Called the King Edison Pendant Lamp (a combination of a Kings chandelier and an Edison bulb), the light consists of a working brass chandelier situated within a hand-blown glass sphere, with a 2-meter (6.6-ft) braided silk-covered power cord that runs up to a supplied ceiling rose. It requires a 12-volt power supply, and a transformer is included.

The open-bottomed globe measures 15 cm wide by 21 cm tall (5.9 x 8.3 in), so it’s a bit larger than a regular light bulb. Still, you’re considerably less likely to whack your head on it than you would a regular chandelier.

If you’re willing to wait four to six weeks for Young and Battaglia to make you one, you can buy a King Edison now for £480, or about US$750.

Source: Mineheart via DesignTaxi

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Nantha Nithiahnanthan

Many hands make light work! Fun though this design is, I can't imagine it has much light output, and is therefore not very functional. In fact, it would look a bit silly in a large room. The price, of course, is a turnoff.

David Clarke
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