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The Kinekt Gear Ring: jewelery that speaks man-language


January 9, 2011

The Kinekt Gear Ring. Want.

The Kinekt Gear Ring. Want.

I'm not a jewelery guy. Bling is not my thing, as evidenced by the fact that for the last two weeks my wedding band has been sitting behind the counter of a Nando's restaurant where I lost it, waiting to be picked up. But I'll admit this ring speaks to the spanner-wielding grease monkey within. It might just be the manliest piece of jewelery I've ever come across. Check out the video after the jump.

If things like this excite you, you're going to be putty in the hands of this jigger:

The Kinekt Gear Ring costs US$165, shipped free to anywhere from the Kinekt website. If you get one, let us know what's the coolest thing you manage to get caught in it!

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Oh, Yeah!

Edgar Castelo

Given that I have hairy fingers, this looks more painful than stylish. Maybe you \"shavers\" would like it but not us real Cave men. \"Manliest jewelry\" don\'t make me laugh. Go back to your wussy pretend electric man cave. Now, a hand made tiger fang necklace and a lion mane hat, now we\'re talkin manliest.


This is for financiers, not grease monkies, surely - who else deal with gearing day in and day out?


What a silly object! Remember: crap on a stick is not a Fudgesicle.

John Weiss

Looks cool! But $165 for stainless steel? They\'re \"steeling\" the customers money.

Joe Sobotka

Obviously this ring cannot be resized for smaller or larger fingers. That would screw up the whole gear system. I assume they will make them in every size.... hmmm... I like the idea and I admire the precision in the craftsmanship so why not fashion it in sterling silver? It\'s already over-priced so what the heck. I would love if it could sprout limbs and a dopey head and embark on a tiny quest to take over the rest of my jewellery. TRANSFORMERS!!!


We tested it read our review here! Love it! http://motoress.com/readarticle.asp?articleid=511&c=gearstyle


I doubt silver, or most soft metals, would hold up to the wear and tear this ring is likely to encourage. It should come in tungsten, titanium and niobium though.

Charles Bosse

Incorporate a small generator and battery charging capability and we might have something practical.

Facebook User

\"shipped free to anywhere\" I should hope so after paying that much for about 5 grams of metal?

the day one falls out of my cracker I\'ll start wearing it...


The Kinekt Gear Ring is incredible.I first saw thw video of this ring on TV and was immediately intrigued by the design aspect. As a mechanical engineer, I have always been fascinated by well thought out kinetic energy transference and aesthetic, so this seemed a natural for me.Then I saw the price.I, as many others here, was shocked that they\'d have the balls to demand $165 for a stainless steel bearing chase with a few gears screwed on.I then promptly forgot about it. Until my wife presented it to me as a birthday gift 3 months ago, it had been forgotten completely. But since then it has rarely been removed and I love it!The ring is precise in all aspects- it is a marvel of engineering in its simplicity and durability and the aesthetic is masculine enough without being gaudy or flashy. For those that fear getting a hair stuck in it, that ain\'t a problem (I seem to have a Yeti in my ancestery somewhere) nor is getting my wife\'s caught in it either.The most annoying aspect is the involuntary playing with it- you can\'t help but take it for an absent minded spin every once in awhile.As to the cost issue- yeah, it is a bit high. But the pleasure derived from it defies the cost tenfold. I would not sell it back for 10 times the price if it could not be replaced.Bottom line on this is if it even remotely appeals to you, do not hesitate- you will be immensely satisfied with the purchase, but do order the right size as you will not want to wait while they reship the right one to you.


I bought one of these rings earlier this week and, after removing the ring\'s initial stiffness, I have found it to be an irresistable fidget. I love it; I love watching the cogs turn and I love the feel of the spinning rings, which is more complex that the silver jewellery. I\'ve worn it all week without getting any reaction (which I often get from stainless steel watches etc) and have slept in it without getting it caught in hair or bedclothes. I did not pay $165 but I think they are well worth that - the workmanship and unique style will last a lifetime. And yes, I work in an office and play with Neo-cubes as well!

Patricia Hall
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