Could virtual sex be the Kinect’s killer app? (NSFW)


December 15, 2010

ThriXXX has produced a video demo of Kinect being used in adult gaming

ThriXXX has produced a video demo of Kinect being used in adult gaming

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Once open source drivers for Microsoft’s Kinect were created, it was inevitable the device would be put to use in a virtual sex game. Around a month since such drivers started appearing, ThriXXX, a company responsible for a range of 3D sex games that are already compatible with a number of sex toy peripherals, has now produced a video demo of a Kinect being used to virtually fondle a number of computer generated ladies.

The company made use of OpenKinect’s libfreenect open source Kinect driver to allow a blurry-faced individual to control the camera and navigate a couple of creepy looking disembodied virtual hands around the body of a virtual girl – it look like Thing from the Addams Family is partaking in some non-family oriented entertainment.

Aside from the significant creepiness factor, you’d have to wonder whether ThriXXX’s games aren’t better suited to a controller with some force feedback capabilities – something the Kinect interface obviously lacks. Although the company has this base covered through its RealTouch-like Vstroker and Fleshlight peripherals.

Maybe it was applications like this that contributed to Microsoft’s threats of legal action for those looking to develop open source drivers for its family-targeted device. As evidenced by the current crop of Kinect games, the Kinect is still a great device in search of a “killer app”. It looks like ThriXXX might be wanting to test, as is the case with so much technology before it, whether sex is the “killer app” for the Kinect.

Note: Just as we were about to publish this story the video was removed from YouTube “as a violation of YouTube’s policy on nudity or sexual content.” We count those who didn’t get to see the video as lucky.

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Theres 2 minutes of my life i will never get back.


I fell for the \'click to play\' arrow. At least the girl in the image is particularly well drawn, which makes a pleasant change. I wonder if she responds to \'touch\'? You probably get a virtual slap! Strange how the video managed to get onto You Tube in the first place.


Sad \"virtual app\" for \"real losers\".

Matt Rings

Yep - like looking at a picture on a restaraunt menu and going "Gooooolly wasn't that a FINE meal"....

Yeahhhh as if.

But if you want to wank in style... get one of these: Pistol pump...

With the dimpled inner lining and the vacuum pump - once it's warmed up it's like the best sex ever AND a head job at the same time. The pump parts are pretty pox tho..

Still that is nothing an enterprising individual cannot overcome.

Mr Stiffy

This will be a great way to keep up on long-distance relationships! lol How long will it be before someone invents a device that will enclose the body in a suit or strap-on gadget that is filled with arrays of miniature air-bags, heating and cooling elements, micro-channel air-flow conduits, and whatever other creepy accessory we can imagine. So you\'re in LA, your \'other\' is in NYC, one of you is wearing the strap-on, and the other is standing in front the Kinect sensor. The sensor transmits your movements to the device, inflating or deflating air bags, heating or cooling thermal elements, or activating micro-fans to \"blow a kiss\" or something. Still with me? Just as doctors can perform surgery over distance using telemetry and robotics, Microsoft will one day user in a new era of cyber/robotic sex! And then we\'re really in trouble.

Tom Hedlund

OF course this would have been discovered. It\'s better than them doing the real thing. I guess if they can\'t get a real live girl to touch, it\'s the next best thing. I think it\'s immoral myself. but, it\'s only a photo, what can it hurt, I don\'t care just as long as it doesn\'t go too far? which it will in the future, nothing can ever stay normal???

Debra Rincon
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