KillaJoule electric sidecar motorcycle tops 216 mph


September 15, 2012

Eva Håkansson pushed her home-built electric motorcycle KillaJoule to just over 216 mph (Photo: KillaCycle Racing)

Eva Håkansson pushed her home-built electric motorcycle KillaJoule to just over 216 mph (Photo: KillaCycle Racing)

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University of Denver engineering graduate student Eva Håkansson pushed her home-built electric sidecar motorcycle "KillaJoule" to just over 216 mph (347 km/h) last week, while setting a new world record for electric sidecar bikes at the BUB Motorcycle Speed Trials at Bonneville Salt Flats. The top speed comes achingly close to the fastest record ever set with an internal combustion engine for a bike of that type: 219 mph (352 km/h).

Håkansson and her husband Bill Dube are well known on the electric motorcycle racing scene, especially for their "KillaCycle" electric drag bike. Unlike the KillaCycle however, the 18 foot (6 meter) long KillaJoule is classed as a sidecar motorcycle and features three wheels, with the rear providing power, the front steering, and a third wheel off-set.

KillaJoule derives its considerable power from a 375 volt, 1800 amp, 214 lb. (97 kg) battery pack, constructed from 1210 cordless tool cells manufactured by A123Systems. The bike also sports an AC motor made by EVO Electric, Ltd. and in its current configuration, its electric drive package provides 250 horsepower.

Håkansson constructed the vast majority of the KillaJoule herself (Photo: KillaCycle Racing)

The exact top speed clocked at the BUB Motorcycle Speed Trials was 216.504 mph (348.429 km/h), but due to the AMA (American Motorcycle Association) requiring an average time from two runs, the official speed noted was a still-impressive 191.488 mph (308.170 km/h), enough to set a new world record for electric sidecar motorcycles. Additionally, Håkansson was handed the prestigious “Female Rider” Award for her efforts.

Following its impressive BUB Motorcycle Speed Trials showing, the KillaJoule is rated as the fourth fastest electric motorcycle in the world.

The video below shows the KillaJoule hurtling along at speed.

Source: Eva Håkansson via, AutoblogGreen

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without the video cam on the back of the KillaJoule it would have gone over 250 mph im thinkin

Jay Dillon

Very impressive machine and lady! I dare say it would have cracked the 200mph average and the 220mph one way mark if they'd removed the sidecar......(far more drag than the video cam, which is probably tiny).


The most obvious places for aerodynamic improvement I noticed was the antenna sticking up and the top of the sidecar. Granted a low slip surface might be required by the rules, but there is still room for improvement.

I have never been a fan of electric vehicles but short range speed has never been there weakness.


DAMN!!! I am THOROUGHLY impressed with her skill set!! Is there anything that she can't do? Why don't more women have the ovaries grandes like she does? Baking an awesome chocolate chip cooky only goes so far in my book of tricks and feats. I had only one girlfriend who knew a hammer from a screwdriver and wasn't afraid to let you know it. She was a better mechanic than half the guys I worked with too.


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