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Camera gun would let "harmless hunters" get killer wildlife shots


March 12, 2012

The Kill Shot is a proposed camera-equipped replica rifle, that would allow hunters to capture photos of animals instead of killing them

The Kill Shot is a proposed camera-equipped replica rifle, that would allow hunters to capture photos of animals instead of killing them

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Not too long ago, brothers Randy and Michael Gregg were out on a hunting expedition. It was the day after deer season had ended, yet they spied a handsome animal bedded down in the snow. Not wanting to pass up an opportunity, they silently crept up on their quarry, raised their rifle, lined the deer up in the crosshairs ... and then took a picture through the scope with a mobile phone. That photo provided all the proof they needed that they had successfully stalked their prey, without bringing home an illegally-obtained carcass. It also inspired them to create the Kill Shot photo/video-recording rifle.

Currently still in the development phase, the Kill Shot would simply be a replica hunting rifle, that takes pictures instead of firing bullets. Users would sneak up on their quarry and get them in the crosshairs as per usual, but pulling the trigger would cause a digital camera - built into the scope - to grab a time- and date-stamped snapshot. That camera could also zoom, and record video.

Images would be saved to a memory card, that would mount in the same location as an ammunition magazine on a real rifle. A USB port would allow users to download their photos or footage onto a computer, where they could be shared with other no-kill hunters.

The Gregg brothers, along with their other brother, Daniel, see several possible applications for the Kill Shot. For starters, it could simply be used by people who like the idea of tracking down wild animals in nature, but who don't want to kill them - the Greggs aren't stuck on the name "Kill Shot," by the way.

It could also be used as a means of training novice hunters, without the dangers of using live ammunition. Additionally, they suggest that it could be used by regular hunters for "hunting" animals outside of season - although this could lead to some interesting run-ins with game wardens. As a side note, Randy himself works as a park ranger in Pennsylvania.

The three brothers are currently raising funds for prototype and commercial development of the Kill Shot (or whatever it'll be called) on Kickstarter. A pledge of US$150 will get you one, should they ever see production.

While some people might find the idea of a combination camera and rifle kind of ... well, silly, it is not unprecedented. The 1980s TV series Max Headroom depicted mercenary news videographers wielding RR-7 Gun Cameras, while Russian camera company KMZ used to produce a product known as the Photosniper - a very rifle-like stock and trigger, which an SLR body and lens could be mounted onto.

Source: Harmless Hunter

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I can't wait for the yearbook photographer to come on campus to take some candid shots on campus...


Really? Technology will never advance (or a most advance at less than a snails pace) if all people do is take current technology and adapt it to ridiculous novelty items. Why take a device with a limited lens and slave it to another device with a lens that is meant more for magnification instead of true picture clarity to take pictures when a person can purchase a device that is purpose made to serve this function?


Good on them! Way to sate the lust for hunting and bragging whilst also reducing unnecessary killing.

Von Meerman

I immediatly had a mental image of multiple snaps or video of an approaching grizzly bear...then static.

Alan Belardinelli

Sane hunting is the strictly controlled collection of food. You do not eat it you do not kill it, nor photograph or otherwise disturb it.

This gadget extends trophy hunting philosophy which permeates other areas of life too, ie owning a flash car, or other objects, and in some cases people (think trophy wives).

True hunters do not brag, they just cook well and share the game and a decent bottle of wine with family and friends.



No this is excellent and can be refined. The device could be able to cater to all kinds of mobile phones. Not just beautiful closeups, but beautiful videos too. Hunting in today's day and age is ridiculous. This device also prioritises and focuses any shot, adding to the uniqueness and speciality, making the person feel special.

Dawar Saify

This is great! A product that hunters who harvest, and hunters that do not want to harvest can use....

People who do not get to experience an actual hunt because they do not like the "kill" can experience a real hunt and get outdoors to boot!....

Kids can use this to photograph wildlife rather than killing birds and such with bb guns....

I am a hunter and can't wait for seasons of game that I hunt to open. Now I could go hunting and just take a picture year round!....

I say great job and great idea!!!


I see alot of people commenting silly things. What makes this different than any other TOY gun out there. This does'nt shoot a projectile, only snaps a picture. Thats a good thing! I could see a use for this in Law Enforcement or even the military as well for safe training purposes with scenarios where a sniper is needed. Only concern is if irresponsible parents do not keep track of what their kids are doing. Will it have orange on it? Other than that I love it!


If you go after a bear with this, you have GUTS but you are NUTS! lol Wendy, Federal Law states that you only need an orange barrel plug or an orange tip to be identified as a non lethal weapon. As a law enforcement officer myself, I am going to go above and beyond with this. It will have an option to be purchased with an orange scope camera plus the barrel tip and magazine will be orange. This product will also teach gun safety, ethical shot placement and the sport of hunting. Thank you for all your feedback. Feedback on both sides is welcomed! Randy Gregg

Randy Gregg

re; nikitaskypridemos

There is nothing wrong with hunting for a trophy, to control vermin, and to eliminate man eaters. However the meat should be properly harvested, in the case man eaters and other vermin there are captive predators and scavengers.


Really stupid to make it look like a gun and try to adapt a scope. Gunstock camera mounts have been around for years, and allow you to chose the camera and lens that works best for your application. If this link doesn't come through, you can google it.



This idea is just simply amazing...I think this product can benefit the wives of hunters, as well, who support there men and like to go hunting but don't necessarily want to kill. I would love to be sitting in a blind spot with this and have a monster size deer come in my path and take the shot of what could have been a trophy for my husband - Just to brag, look honey, look what I saw and you didn't lol. Great idea!!!! Like is stated above you can pledge a $1 donation or whatever you want on kickstarter.com to help get this manufactured. Look up Harmless Hunter and support!!!!!

Michele Gregg

Dumb. If you're sneaking around taking pics with a camera that looks like a gun you could end up very very dead when you need a bullet and all you have is a camera. Better to have a camera attachment for the scope you put on a real rifle. Then if a grizzly sneaks up on you while you're sneaking up on Bambi, you still have more than a few photons to protect you.

Larry Hooten

The next step here is to combine it with some sort of enhanced reality, so you can have the thrill of hunting and recording a 'kill' without actually killing.


get some pictures of them there cops over yonder buba

Jay Finke

When hunting with this gun, don't forget to bring a "kill shot" camera sidearm. If a bear creeps up and attack you, you can use the side arm to shoot the bear and get a once-in-a-lifetime photo of an attacking bear.


Nice gun. This avoid the unnecessary killing and give other facilities.

Chokory Kashfia

Wow, There are alot of negative people out there that like to put others down lol...This is a product that hunters who harvest, and hunters that do not wish to harvest, can use. People who do not get to experience an actual hunt because they do not like the "kill" can experience the thrill of a real hunt. When you go hiking in the woods with nothing but your water bottle, do you carry protection?If you are scared of bears carry pepper spray. Perfect example like my wife stated above. She can get outdoors and have the fun and excitement of hunting and not killing. That is her preference, is it everone elses?....No. As a hunting enthusiast, I want to share this with others, or novice hunters, or people who might want to get into hunting. I welcome anyone to enjoy this product as long as they enjoy the SPORT of hunting. And let's not forget the young children who can't legally hunt yet. Getting a child outdoors and shareing that experience while teaching the gun safety and the ethics behind the sport of hunting at an early age? Priceless, rewarding and a memory that will last them a lifetime! :) Keep the feedback and support coming! Thank You so much to all the people who have pledged and supported me on this endeavor. I will pay it forward ten fold!

Randy Gregg

This "invention" was on a Northern Exposure episode back in 1991. OK, so it was a 35mm camera back then, but same basic idea.

Theodore Seeber

Larry, I don't know what you carry, but unless you want to haul around a military grade sniper rifle, I think the best way to protect yourself from bear is to walk away in the direction you came calmly but quickly. Four inches of fur and two inches of fat make for pretty good body armor on an already tough-as-nails animal.

I could see using the orange version for urban combat games. Click (picture sends to everyone's cell phone). You're out. Better than paintball because you don't risk eye injury or have to out yourself with weird safety equipment.

Charles Bosse

I am wondering why "a camera" has to be bonded to a full simulated rifle shape in the first place?

Me thinks... perhaps a better camera adapted on a longer tripod type base.... or

It's just all the supflerous material like the full bodied stock and barrel instead of a camera mount designed to mount a camera and use it in a steadying style like a rifle....

Mr Stiffy

I was just thinking urban games too! Great idea! how about wireless transmission of said photo that could be recieved by all in the game "on a built in mobile phone" with a message "got greg!" i will miss the loud bang! though blanks maybe? It would be a tribe wars thing you could take your kid to with guns that go bang and its in the actual outdoors. Hmmm you naysayers who say nay i say nay on your nay cos this thing is the start of something yay!


Oh come on, I saw this YEARS AGO at a USED camera fair. I come here for new ideas, not regurgitated fodder...

Srihari Yamanoor

Wow! I love the idea of this urban game thing! This rifle camera can not shoot projectiles so its safe. Will not plaster paint everywhere either and is better for the environment! I definately would want the rifle to have alot of orange camoflauge in an urban style design to identify as a fake and not a real rifle. That would be awesome especially with teams and bluetooth technology to communicate with your clan or tribe and the cell phone transmission showing the killshot! "Got Ya, you are out!" I am a gamer to and this would be like Call of Duty but in reality and not a gaming system with TV!! Tournaments and contests with rewards and prizes! Awesome idea MasterG! Hunters, Gamers the possibilities for this keep expanding. Lets help and support to make this a reality by pledging at http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2026168289/harmless-hunter


I think this is a fantastic product that is well worth developing. I don't think it matters that there have been similar products in the past because the proposed application is innovative and exciting.


Outdoor gaming is a great idea! The possibilities just keep expanding for this product! Keep them coming! Please help support and make this reality by pledging at http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2026168289/harmless-hunter Your help is so appreciated! I will have to setup an event at the 10,000 acre French Creek State Park for a Woodland version of this game! Tournament with prizes and more! :) That would be awesome using MasterG and Ethan1977 idea!!

Randy Gregg

Dear Readers,

You have just seen my first model for this product. I want the users to choose the next design. Which model of rifle or weapon would you like to see next? Examples, crossbow, bow, shotgun, assault rifle, sniper rifle etc. Give me ideas and I will choose one to create!


Randy Gregg

They have already perfected the best tech tool for improving your stealth, it is called a camera. Pointing a toy gun at a target is an arcade. With one game warden covering multi-county areas, I can imagine all the wasted, angry calls from property owners and other real hunters about the "poacher-trespasser" they saw caring a gun in or out of legal season. I.M.Hunter2


Hello, This can be used by hunters who harvest and hunters that do not like the kill. The digital camera scope is the patented technology, not the replica rifle. This camera scope will be able to attach and detach making it versatile for replica like weapons or lethal hunting rifles, allowing hunters of all types to document their hunt and the actual KillShot whether it is for harvest or for thrill. Another angle now being pursued (thanks to readers here) will be for Digital Warfare games. With being able to connect to the scope via cell phone, you can form clans and pit battles against each other in urban or woodland environments. The digital picture will be transmitted to all other players showing the KillShot and effectively eliminating that player from the game. This is much safer than games like paintball or airsoft where actual projectiles are fired. You won't have to wear eye and body safety gear. This has endless possibilities and I am excited to bring this to market. Please help and support this with a pledge.


Randy Gregg

I have been a hunter as long as I can remember. I can remember helping to clean long guns at the age of 8 or 9. Hunter safety has been a large part of hunting my whole life, but if some idiot is trespassing on my land (perhaps bird watching, or maybe an animal rights group member looking for dirt, points what appears like a gun at me, I will express my condolences to his next of kin.

As a training tool on a closed course, or a toy in a game (clearly marked as a toy) great. Let them have fun. But confused with a true weapon? I would shoot first, and protect myself as needed.

As shown, this is a danger to it's wielder. There is NO good reason to look like a hunting rifle. None.

For those of you who deplore hunting, unless you are a true vegan, you are a hypocrite.

I am complying with the laws of my state, with the full blessing of the division of Wildlife, cutting down on deer/vehicle accidents (in doing so, saving lives), paying fees and taxes for permits. These funds pay for conservation efforts here and around the world.

I am paying for ammo, permits, weapons, gear, camping equipment, fuel, supplies, lease fees (when needed)and taxes. All of these fuel jobs, businesses, tourism, and other spin offs.

There are more registered hunters in three average Eastern states, than fighters in the entire U.S. military! We are your neighbors, your cops, your Pastors, Your shop keepers. We are everywhere.

We are not the bloodthirsty animals you portray us to be, Most of us are highly educated, conscious of our place in the world, and believers in Christ. My pastor leads a hunt each year.

The meat Is range fed, free of additives or chemicals, very lean, and healthy for my family, and comes in a biodegradable wrapper.

It is no different than going to the market for beef, or pork, or chicken, raised in a pen and slaughtered by a butcher for you. I'm just cutting out the middleman. So try to get past your knee-jerk reaction, and learn something.

I am a hunter, and proud of it!


What happened to this idea did it get funded?


It's look really amazing.They have already perfected the best tech tool for improving your stealth, it is called a camera. Pointing a toy gun at a target is an arcade. With one game warden covering multi-county areas, For those of you who deplore hunting, unless you are a true vegan, you are a hypocrite.

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