Kickstart releases its Zümaround electric-assist stand-up scooter


September 21, 2012

The  Zümaround comes in four colors

The Zümaround comes in four colors

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Kickstart Scooters has unveiled a new electric kick scooter that it calls the Zümaround. The scooter is designed to give riders a full electric boost when muscling up difficult terrain. Its large pneumatic tires will roll you to speeds of up to 20 mph (32 km/h)

Similar to the BMW i Pedelec and Voltitude scooters, only in stand-up form, the Zümaround is a kick scooter with e-assist function that's designed to get you up hills and through wind and weather. It uses a front-mounted 250-watt hub motor powered by a 36-volt lithium-manganese battery fitted to the down tube.

"There are very few stand-up electric scooters on the market, and what is available is meant to be ridden strictly with the motor," says Kickstart president Gideon Tomaschoff. "The Zümaround is lightweight enough that the rider can choose whether to engage the motor or kick it like a traditional scooter."

The Zümaround offers up to 20 miles (32 km) of motor-driven range, and Kickstart lists the top speed at 20 mph (32 km/h). The rider controls motor output with a thumb throttle, near which is a battery level indicator. A pair of grip-activated electric V-brakes grab the wheels and cut the power to the motor for braking.

Other equipment includes a chromoly steel frame, 20-inch pneumatic tires, a kickstand, front and rear fenders, and a bell. The scooter weighs 36 pounds (16 kg) with the battery mounted. It supports riders up to 375 pounds (170 kg).

Kickstart launched the Zümaround at this week's Interbike trade show in Las Vegas. The scooter comes in four colors and retails for US$1,250.

Source: Kickstart Scooters

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Common sense also tells me that regenerative braking is necessary, which it has not got.

Ormond Otvos

This is almost perfect. If only it was a bit more trunk and bus friendly. I don't see why they made it so big. Surely 12 inch wheels would have been plenty, and the frame has a couple of obvious places where it could have been made shorter. If they made a model like that, and made the handlebars collapsible for carrying and stowing, this thing would be just what i've been looking for. Even as it stands, i miiight just get one, since it will obviously last, wouldn't be hard to mod, and getting a better battery once the original wears out should be easy.

Kim Holder

Common sense tells you if you go any distance you need a seat.

The Hoff

i have had one for a year now and it's unbelievably useful. what makes it ingenious is its simplicity.. anyone can ride it. recommended


Awesome machine! I got it in April and used it all summer, including in a couple thunderstorms and it's needed no maintenance. It's still fun to ride and whenever I meet up with people, a bunch always want to try it and are going full speed in full control within a couple minutes. Highly recommended unless you don't like awesome.

Noah Goldstein

I like kick scooters, no seat, even for many km. Bikes make my shoulders and upper back sore. Not to mention their seats are crap, anyhow.

Kim Holder

The Zumaround has been a great boon for me. It's fun to ride and at top speed it gets you where you need to go in short order. I've had only one cyclist try to catch me after I whizzed by. He caught up and then gave up. The stand-up mode makes for comfortable cruising and unlike a bike you have almost full view with no neck strain. I love it.


The Zumaround is an incredible device. I recently purchased one (along with three of my friends) after window shopping in New York. We all got to take a test-drive and were instantly hooked! As soon as I got back from vacation, I researched where I could purchase and had them expedite the shipping! I dont regret it at all. Ive had it for over a week now and I use it every day! Highly recommend!


Anyone else feel like all the positive reviews are from the same company intern? Just saying.

Joe F

Hi Joe F,

The comments about the Zümaround posted here are real and honest. They were posted by real owners of Zümaround scooters that they use. And sorry, we don't have any interns. At least not yet.. If you would like more info please don't hesitate to contact me at

Gideon Tomaschoff

The fact that u responded first thing in the morning to "verify" anonymous Int't comments and advertise a little more should tell readers all they need.

Joe F

I'm interested. Four colors offered, but could I get one in camo? How much noise does it make? Big wheels are good for off road, but how much incline can it handle?


i really like this can switch out the battery with a second one, it would be easy to add a seat, also the price isn't to ridiculous like most of the others. although i would like to see more suspension front and back. with those big tires would make a nice smooth ride.


i saw the same frame and wheels on this site for under $350 did they just strap on the motor and battery.

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