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November 14, 2010

Kia's Soul Flex on show in Brazil

Kia's Soul Flex on show in Brazil

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The major announcement of last week's Brazilian Motor Show in São Paulo was Kia's Soul Flex. Though it's the first Flexible Fuel Vehicle (FFV) from Korea, ethanol derived from sugar cane is 40% cheaper than gas in Brazil, so flex fuel vehicles make up 85% of new car sales. On top of the cheaper fuel, the Soul Flex gets a 44% improvement in fuel efficiency, with power and torque figures also a slight improvement compared with the existing petrol model. Scheduled to go on sale in Brazil early next year, the Soul Flex is able to run on 100% ethanol, 100% gasoline or an ethanol-petrol mixture.

Brazil is currently ranked second in the world, in terms of ethanol production, and consequently its motorists enjoy the low cost of ethanol. As well as lower fuel costs, the industrial product tax (purchase tax) on new flex vehicles is only 11% – 2% lower than petrol models. Kia aims to further strengthen its presence in the Brazilian market by introducing new Flex models into each market segment – starting with an all-new Sportage FFV towards the end of 2011.


When do these come stateside?!?!

Facebook User

And, naturally, not one single word about fuel mileage. Perhaps the low mileage using ethanol was an embarrassment? Certainly were fuel mileage 40% less than with gasoline the conclusion would have to be in favor of gasoline: Eg, if price of the energy is the same (as would be the case above), then one goes for the space savings and range, which would then favor gasoline. Is this another example of \'big industry\' warping the minds of the innocent and unknowing public?


tkj I know what you mean, my fuel mileage really is a fail when I get that crap in my fuel tank, spend the same and get less MPG

Bill Bennett

To be the most pure and holiest Soul, just missing being a hybrid with range extended.


Ethanol in Brazil is cheaper because the price is kept artificially low with big government subsidies. Also, unlike in the USA, ethanol is made mostly from sugar cane instead of corn.

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facebook user... Brazilian sugarcane industry has no government subsidies In fact, all fuels are heavily taxed, some at lesser extent like automotive diesel LPG, but this taxation is far higher than in most countries. As consumption concerns, ethanol 25-30% less mileage c0mpared to gasoline is compensated by being 40% cheaper. Besides, ethanol burning results in some gain on air quality in metropolitan areas (less CO, less unburnt CH, less sulfur, and so) And worth consider that sugarcane does NOT dislodge food crop land for crop fuel

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