Kia Electric POP Commuter Vehicle Concept


August 20, 2010

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The continued trend towards smaller and lighter urban commuter vehicles continued today with Kia showing glimpses of an all-new electric concept car it will reveal at the Paris Show on September 30. Called the ‘POP’, Kia’s three-meter, three-seater was styled at Kia’s Russelsheim design studio where head of design Peter Schreyer has been husbanding the revitalization of the Kia family DNA.

Stay tuned to Gizmag for more details of this and other highlights from the floor of the Paris Motor Show.


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Look at these pictures in the gallery. If the best you can give us is the view of the front bumber of the car, at least acknowledge it. Say you are sorry you can\'t show the whole car. Give a reason. Please!!! I love GIZMAG. But in this instance the pictures show very little.


this looks really nice! you can see it\'d make a jump in 5 years to front loading vehicles if it made it to market still looking like it does here :)

Blue Lucero

Totally awesome! That\'s a cute one from the Kia Family DNA

Facebook User

An electric Kia has to be an improvement over their petrol-powered, problematic piles of thost. Strong words, you may say, but the proof is in my own small Kia - which, after puzzling local (Bournemouth, UK), Kia garages and AA specialists has just been finally diagnosed as having a cracked crankshaft! The car is less than five years old, is low mileage and has been dealer-serviced from new - yet will Kia UK even consider any compensation? Of course not. Will Kia come to some kind of sensible compromise over the cost of a replacement engine? You\'ve guessed it... Of course they won\'t. What are my options? Repair the engine - prohibitively expensive. Replace engine - the same. Leaving the only logical option to sell the car as a non-running \'Project\" to a local garage owner - at a huge loss over the car\'s would-be value if the crankshaft were intact. Will I ever buy Kia again? You may answer that one yourselves...

Nick Herbert
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