Kia set to show four-door sports sedan concept in Frankfurt


August 23, 2011

Kia's new four-door sports sedan concept will be shown at the Frankfurt Motor Show

Kia's new four-door sports sedan concept will be shown at the Frankfurt Motor Show

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The teasers keep rolling in ahead of the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show (IAA) with Kia releasing images of a new four-door sports sedan concept. The powerplant is rumored to be a V8, but all we know for sure about the as yet unnamed car at this stage is that it seats four, is rear-wheel drive and, as you might expect from a concept car, it "signals the company's distinctive new design direction."

The sporty four-door coupe-style layout is a definite break from the compact POP and Naimo concepts shown in recent times, as well as the company's existing Optima sedan. We can see shades of Aston Martin and Jaguar - what do you think of the new design direction?

The Frankfurt Motor Show runs from 15th-25th September 2011.


a face only a Mother could love, as to the rest, Aston Martin, good luck if this is nasty fast, you have a problem

Bill Bennett

I\'m not normally a four door fan but this is cool! I\'d say they\'re trying to keep pace with Hyundai Genesis and it\'s V8. Looks like a Koreaan H.P. war. :-)


Love the car, hate the rims. As far as keeping pace with Genesis, shouldn\'t be too hard Hyundai owns them both.

Monkey in Black

Obviously they rest on the venerable Jag E-Type design. It seems that they never can surpass it. Oh, if it were a Jag or an Aston... but its just a Kia...

Leon Radford

Uh.... it\'s just a One-77 knock off. Wait till Aston Martin sees this.

Amza Jitno
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