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Keyport looks to streamline the modern keychain


April 8, 2011

The Keyport consolidates six keys or a mix of keys and USB flash drive, mini-torch and bottle opener in one streamlined device

The Keyport consolidates six keys or a mix of keys and USB flash drive, mini-torch and bottle opener in one streamlined device

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With most households yet to make the move to biometric lock systems, many of us are still carrying around jangly keychains. And with keychains also attracting non-key items such as USB flash drives, mini-torches and the all-important bottle opener, they can quickly reach pocket bulging, Kramer-esque proportions. The Keyport is a pocket friendly, Swiss Army knife-like solution that can consolidate all these aforementioned items in one streamlined device and provides access to them with a flick of a thumb.

At about the same size as a traditional auto key fob, the Keyport holds up to six keys within its stainless steel exterior with each identified by differently colored sliding knobs. The device is fitted with key blanks which then need to be taken to a locksmith for cutting. The company also offers options for auto keys fitted with transponder chips in the head, however not all keys are compatible.

For some non-key functionality, the Keyport can also be fitted with a variety of different blade inserts, including RFID, USB flash drive (4 or 8 GB), bottle opener and LED torch. Blades can also be removed and inserted so users can switch them around to suit different situations.

Such key carrying convenience doesn't come cheap, however, with the Keyport starting at US$79 for a standard six blade bundle, while a chipped auto bundle starts at $94.

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Great idea -- unbelievable price.


Ditto on price.

Also on the side-view image on their web site, the slider buttons seem to stick up quite a bit, likely to get caught on clothing?


Ripoff. I saw one two years ago that someone had made from an old Swiss Army knife.


I don\'t like it. This thing is still bigger than 6 keys and my tiny metal memory stick. You can\'t separate them when you need to for occasions like giving the ignition key to the mechanic, memory stick to you kids or warming up your car and still being able to get into your house.

Raum Bances

@ Raum Bances: actually the keys can be separated. Look at image 3 in the gallery - the text box on the upper right explains that blades can be removed and used individually.

Dave Fuller

Why would I want more in my pocket.. That said if they made it double sided with with a cam mechanism they could double the key capacity.

Michael Mantion

Some articles are inspirational, some are revolutionary, this is just silly.


product design as it was intended. To better create something revolutionary or to better our life.

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