Smart watches may be poised to become the next "must-have" gadget for tech-enthusiasts, but we'll be surprised if the rumored offerings from the likes of Samsung and Apple arrive with a build-quality to match the Triggerfish Bronze A2. This latest wristwatch from German designer Kaventsmann Uhren has been successfully tested at pressures up to 300 bar and has even survived a detonation of C-4 explosives with barely a scratch.

Kaventsmann Uhren is the one-man operation of Michael Barahona Fernandez, who machines the parts and constructs each individual watch by hand in his workshop. The shop has only been open since 2011, but his time pieces have already gained quite a reputation for their durability, particularly in water.

For the Triggerfish Bronze A2, Fernandez built a case for an ETA 2892 A2 movement out of shock-resistant phosphor bronze, with a stainless steel back and 10 mm domed polycarbonate crystal. The finished product measures 45 mm wide and 20 mm tall, making it a fairly hefty piece of machinery. As a final touch, the watch also features a set of leather straps, hand made by Dangerous9staps.

The watch was also pressure tested and found to remain water resistant up to 300 bar, the equivalent of 3000 meters depth in sea water.

For the ultimate durability test though, Kaventsmann enlisted the help of the U.S. Special Forces, which had commissioned the watchmaker for a military version of the Triggerfish made from an aluminum alloy. A small team of soldiers set a 10 lb (4.5 kg) shaped charge of C-4 on a bombing range, placed the Triggerfish 1 meter (3.3 feet) away from it, and then detonated the explosives.

Amazingly, the watch survived intact and in working order with only a few light scratches and a missing strap to show for it. The inner timing movement was also knocked out of place, but the final model has an improved holder to prevent this in any future tests. Granted, if your watch is ever that close to a bomb explosion, you probably have much bigger problems to worry about than whether it still works or not.

Unfortunately, according to Kaventsmann Uhren's website, only 30 Triggerfish Bronze A2 watches were made, and they have already been reserved. But apparently there may be one or two still left through its distributors, so check out the website if you want one for yourself.

In the meantime, you can also watch the video below to see the explosion the Triggerfish was able to survive.

Source: Kaventsmann Uhren

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    • cool... so the person that blows you up gets to keep your watch.

    • For what possible reason does this exist? your body might blow up but you want your watch to live on?

    • Being bomb-proof is just the ultimate durability test. If it'll survive a block of C4 going off 1 meter away, it'll survive anything its wearer will. Might even slow down a bullet.

      Joel Detrow
    • I have placed by GoPro camera 2 feet away from a couple pounds of C4, had it record the image and continue to function just fine, without tucking it behind a 4x4. Pressure fields from explosive events can surprise you as to how intense and where they occur.

    • I suspect if you are unlucky enough to truly test the bombproof capabilities of the watch, you won't care one way or another.

    • Just an extreme durability test.

      They should follow up with others (monster truck,gorilla,tank,etc.).

      Worked for Timex:

      "TIMEX: Takes a licking... and keeps on ticking!"

    • Maybe loved ones can keep it after there is nothing left of you?

      Gregory Gannotti
    • It just so happens that I was stressing about how I would tell time for my attempt to free dive the Mariana trench with some C4 as ballast. Now I have my answer.

    • ha ha ha ha another worthless invention, but wait, if your hand blows up, you can use the watch on the other hand :)

      Zain Hoosen
    • Not only is it useless, it's clunky and UGLY

    • The video is a POS, waste of time, nobody there ever hear of editing?

    • Great idea but it needs more testing!

      Kaventsmann please send sample watches to the Congressional Tea Party and Bill Gates so we can see how they protect these persons against serious bomb blasts.

      Why them you ask? Of course it is their malicious, greedy behavior that makes just this group most likely to be targeted.


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