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Kangaroo Water Bottle has a compartment for your essentials


November 26, 2012

The Kangaroo Water Bottle

The Kangaroo Water Bottle

Perhaps you’re a runner whose shorts don’t have pockets – or, they have pockets, but you don’t want things bouncing around and/or getting sweat-soaked in there as you run. If that’s the case, you might like Contigo’s storage-compartment-equipped Kangaroo Water Bottle.

The compartment has a hinged lid, that is opened by depressing a plastic tab at the top. There isn’t a whole lot of room inside, but enough to store items such as credit and debit cards, ID, money and a house key.

The 24-ounce (710-ml) bottle itself is made from high-impact BPA-free plastic, and is dishwasher-safe. It has the mandatory built-in carabiner clip for hanging it off of backpacks (presumably not when money is being stored inside of it), and also features Contigo’s AUTOSEAL system – this opens the spout for drinking when a button is depressed, then reseals it once that button is released.

The Kangaroo Water Bottle is available now, in blue or purple, for US$12.99.

Source: Contigo via GearCulture

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This is an excellent idea, although, filling it with regular tap water is not the best solution. Tap water is contaminated to the extent where it is no longer safe to drink, and a water filtration system is becoming a requirement to keep yourself healthy.

Adam Michaels

First of all, this product has been around for years. Rather slow to be presenting it isn't it?

And Adam, maybe it's just where you get your tap water from. Here in Australia, it's very safe to drink.

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