JuiceBuddy claims world's most portable iPhone charger title


June 25, 2012

JuiceBuddy comes in three colors and an aluminum finish

JuiceBuddy comes in three colors and an aluminum finish

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Cellphones have come a long way since the models of the 1990’s, but if there is one area in which a brand-new iPhone 4S still cannot hope to compete with those venerable handsets, it is battery life. With this in mind, California-based company Pacific Productions has unveiled the JuiceBuddy, an iPhone and iPod Touch charger which is small enough to fit on a keyring.

Though one may eek out a day or more of moderate usage, heavy iPhone users often end up carrying around an iPhone USB cable and accompanying plug ... or some form of back-up battery pack. JuiceBuddy is tackling the issue with a robust-looking design that shuns cables in favor of a built-in iPhone connector, a USB port and two fold-out prongs.

JuiceBuddy's designers claim their product to be the most portable iPhone charger available worldwide and as far as we can tell, these claims appear to be true. Only the somewhat similar JuiceTank springs to mind as an attractive alternative in what is an under-represented area of iPhone peripherals.

Sporting a diminutive size and a price tag to match, in addition to the ability to charge any model of iPod Touch or iPhone, JuiceBuddy is constructed from polycarbonate and available in white, black, red and polished aluminum.

JuiceBuddy is offered at an introductory price of US$25 including shipping, which will begin in August. Availability is limited to the U.S. at present, though an EU-friendly version is said to be in the works. Check out the promo video below for further details:

Source: Pacific Productions

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meh...yet another hi-priced i-whatever gim-nee-crack to separate iPhone users from their money... I stopped by my neighborhood 5-Below store (everything in the store is five bucks or cheaper) and picked up 6 chargers for my NEW Samsung Note for $25...and they're all smaller than this thing!


The real question is why the charger is not built into the phone.


@Slowburn.....because it would add weight and cost to the phone. But soon enough wireless charging will roll by and you'd have your wish come true.


re; habakak

The phones came with a charger the last time I looked, and the weight is trivial.


further re; habakak

Wireless charging still takes a charger and it is even less convenient to carry with you.

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