Judd Treat Machine dispenses doggie treats by email


January 28, 2013

The Judd Treat Machine gives Judd the dog a treat whenever someone sends him an email

The Judd Treat Machine gives Judd the dog a treat whenever someone sends him an email

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Similar to the Pintofeed remote pet feeder that lets pet owners feed their pet via smartphone, the Judd Treat Machine from the NYC CNC Machining & Prototype Shop lets people remotely dispense doggie treats from anywhere they can find an internet connection. The do-it-yourself Raspberry Pi-based device doles out the goodies whenever the pooch gets an email.

The inventor named the Judd Treat Machine after his dog, who is the lucky recipient of the goodies dispensed by the machine. When Judd receives an email, it sets the device in motion. The machine signals Judd by wiggling a little hopper into which the treats are dispensed before rotating and dumping the treats on the floor. As an added feature, the machine takes a picture of Judd and sends it back to the email sender as a thank you.

Built using skills in CAD, machining, fabrication, powder coating, Raspberry Pi, electrical engineering and programming, the project is open source with Python code available on the NYC CNC Machining & Prototype Shop website and the CAD model soon to follow.

The biggest risk we can see is the dog becoming more attached to the machine than its owner – that and the possibility of Judd stacking on the pounds after getting inundated with emails from around the world.

Even though Judd's owner says the dog runs anywhere from five to 30 miles (8 to 48 km) a week and is unlikely to get fat, the fact that Google temporarily disabled the original email address due to high volume suggests Judd might need to extend his exercise routine. A new email address has been set up ( for those who'd like to send a treat Judd's way.

The video below shows how the machine dispenses treats to Judd.

Source: NYC CNC Machining & Prototype Shop via Lifehacker

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Ha..! Any decent playful dog would tear the gadget apart and eat the snacks (including part of the device)... Anyway, snacks are supposed to be a reward accompanied by head-petting/back-scratching together with some "good boy! (or girl)". Why having a lonely dog at home?

Charlie Channels

Anyway to keep the pooch from destroying the rest of the house through anxiety and bordom. I think it could lead to more cool ways to keep the dogs busy while we're at work!

Gregory Gannotti

cool deal. you know that he'll be signing up for any/all spam email blasts now right. lol.... fun project indeed. I love my animals (pit named kabuki & shitzu named chloe) & i love one of a kind ideas like this.

enjoy. leonard assante

Leonard Assante
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