Ferrari designer unveils plans for luxury Japanese Cruise Train


July 28, 2014

Japanese railway company JR East has announced plans to create another luxury sleeper train

Japanese railway company JR East has announced plans to create another luxury sleeper train

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Following the success of its Seven Stars Cruise Train, which launched late last year, Japanese railway company JR East has announced plans to create another luxury sleeper train. The exclusive hotel on the move will be designed by renowned Ferrari designer Ken Okuyama, who was behind the Enzo Ferrari and Ferrari P4/5 designs.

Set to start construction in 2016, the Cruise Train will cost approximately ÂĄ5 billion (US$50 million) to complete and will accommodate a maximum of 34 passengers in its 10 carriages. The design features a series of private guest suites, glass-walled observation cars, up-market restaurant, lounge and bar carriages, all complete with high quality furniture and fittings so passengers can sit back and take in the changing landscape.

One of the Cruise Train's most notable draw cards is undoubtedly its lounge car situated at the rear of the train. Surrounded in floor-to-ceiling glass panels and stretching into the roof-line, the impressive carriage offers guests the chance to sit back and relax on a central island-style sofa while enjoying panoramic views.

Pricing details are yet to be released, but if the Cruise Train is anything like its sister the Seven Stars, guests will be looking at spending approximately US$1,500 per person for a two-day package. Able to run on both electric and non-electric rails, the Cruise Train is expected to hit the rails of a yet to be decided route in the Japanese spring of 2017.

Source: Ken Okuyama, JR East via Spoon & Tomago

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It looks beautiful inside.

Curiously, the conductor car in front however looks extremely boxy and non-aerodynamic—actually more like the front of a city bus.


yrag - I think that's because it's designed for luxury, not speed. Compare the front of a Rolls Royce to a Lamborghini.

and I agree, that it looks awesome, especially the caboose.

Derek Howe

You call that luxury? Where's the swimming pool? The hair salon? The dance floor? The gym? This is no Supertrain.


The boxy car is the lounge car at the back of the train.

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