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Gorillatorch shines light wherever you need it


August 21, 2009

The Joby Gorillatorch features flexible legs and magnetic feet

The Joby Gorillatorch features flexible legs and magnetic feet

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Joby, creator of the bendy Gorillapod camera tripod, has announced a hands-free flashlight called the Gorillatorch. Consisting of an LED lamp unit mounted on a Joby flexible tripod, the Gorillatorch’s design lets you twist and bend the legs around to position the light just where you need it.

The Gorillatorch flexible tripod legs are each tipped with a magnetic foot for added mounting capability. In addition, the joints and feet feature grippy rubber for extra stability on most surfaces but won’t scratch paint, according to Joby.

The water-resistant lamp unit features an LED that can output up to 65 lumens, and a dimmer switch lets you set the brightness. The Gorillatorch runs on three AA batteries, which Joby says will provide 20 to 80 hours of light depending on the output level.

Gorillatorch is designed for camping trip, workshop use, or wherever you need portable, mountable lighting. Joby even suggests using it to illuminate your steaks at a nighttime barbeque (be careful!).

The Gorillatorch will be available in September for US$30. You can pre-order in now from the Joby website.

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