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Jetman buzzes the lush Rio de Janeiro coast


May 8, 2012

A bird? A plane? A Jetman. (Copyright: Bruno Brokken/Breitling SA, photo via AP Images)

A bird? A plane? A Jetman. (Copyright: Bruno Brokken/Breitling SA, photo via AP Images)

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He's launched over the Grand Canyon. He's flown alongside traditional aircraft. He's even attempted to leap across continents. Now "Jetman" and all-around airborne lunatic Yves Rossy is giving us a tour of the beautiful Rio de Janeiro shoreline by way of his carbon fiber jet wing.

On his latest voyage, Rossy lifts off in a helicopter while the iconic Christ the Redeemer watches over him in the background. Once high enough, he backflips out of the chopper high above Rio's Rodrigo de Freitas Lake and takes us on a voyage over some of the Brazilian city's most iconic attractions. He gets closer to Christ the Redeemer by circling around Mount Corcovado; he soars over Sugar Loaf Mountain; and he parachutes his way down to the beach.

Jetman relies upon his trusty carbon fiber wing, which is equipped with four 48 lb (22 kg) thrust jet engines, giving him up to 300 km/h (186 mph) of speed at the push of his handheld throttle controller. The wing gives Rossy a freedom that few other aircraft in the world can - the ability to use body movements to control his flight path.

The 11 1/2 minutes of footage below seamlessly shifts between point-of-view close-ups and at-a-distance shots that make Rossy appear little bigger than a buzzing gnat. While actually flying on a jet-powered lunch tray may require loosening a few mental screws and strengthening heart, will and nerves, enjoying the ensuing footage is as simple as hitting 'play'.

Sources: Breitling, Jetman via Discovery

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Bird strikes would be problematic to say the least!

Phillip Noe

whats next

Ann Steve Kids Affannato

I hope he keeps safe, what he does is dangerous and few people in the world can do this.

Dawar Saify

Great film. Someone got the edits a little mixed. The parachute opened a bit early!This must be the smallest flyable plane in the world, Interesting pulses on the jet exhaust, and I love the camera's ability to shoot straight into the sun, but still get a perfectly exposed shot. Well done everybody! He's a brave man, and it looks incredibly exhilarating. Good point about bird strikes.


One of the top few people on my list of those I'd like to change places with for a day. Bravo to BREITLING for their sponsorship of this amazing daredevil.

Jason A Rusty Brooks

When will classes and personal flying suits be ready for perchase? This will going away on vacation so much more fun than waiting in line at the airport. An added bonus, commuting to work will be the best part of the day or evening. I wish I invented this.


WOW !!!!!

Martin Loveday
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