Batmobile replica powered by real jet engine


July 15, 2011

Auto restorer and designer Casey Putsch has built a replica Batmobile, that is powered by an actual jet engine (Photo: Putsch Racing)

Auto restorer and designer Casey Putsch has built a replica Batmobile, that is powered by an actual jet engine (Photo: Putsch Racing)

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Last October, we told you about the full-scale working Batmobile replica built by movie prop-maker Bob Dullam. The version of the iconic superhero vehicle that Dullam chose to recreate was the rugged, Hummer-esque beauty from Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, known as the Tumbler. Well, that car now has some company on the road, in the form of a street-legal copy of the smoother, slinkier Batmobile that first appeared in 1989's Batman. Built by Ohio auto restorer and designer Casey Putsch in just five months out of race car and military surplus parts, the vehicle is incredibly faithful to the original ... to the point that it's powered by an actual jet engine.

Putsch built the replica based entirely on mental images of the movie car, producing only one drawing, which was of a special shaft that he needed made by a machining company. He taught himself about turbines, so he could rebuild and install the car's powerplant, a military surplus Boeing jet engine that came out of a U.S. Navy drone helicopter.

That engine puts out 365 horsepower, and directly powers the rear wheels via a semi-automatic transmission. The Batmobile can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph (97 kph) in as little as 3.9 seconds, managing a reported top speed of 185 mph (298 kph), and getting between 3 and 10 miles per gallon (78 to 24 L/100 km) of jet fuel, kerosene or diesel. It has an aluminum and fiberglass body, and weighs in at 2,800 pounds (1,270 kg) - according to Putsch, it has about the same power-to-weight ratio as a Dodge Viper, and offers similar performance. It could likely perform even better, were it not for the shape of the original movie car, which Casey says is not very aerodynamic.

The car was unveiled on June 12th in Cincinnati, at the Ault Park Concours d'Elegance, where it won three awards. Casey's automobile restoration and design company, Putsch Racing, began business that same month.

Putsch is also a race car driver, which led to the creation of his replica. "That which I do best is racing and I don't know how to put the business together to get a sponsorship to race Indy Cars in the future, so I had to challenge myself somehow and this seemed like a fun one to do," he told us.

As would be expected, people tend to like the vehicle. "The reactions are incomparable," he said. "This car instantly destroys the boundary between fiction and reality and everyone is simply in shock and awe."

Turn up your speakers, and get shocked and awed yourself by checking out the car in action, in the video below.

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Mmmmm yes the fabulous flaws of the inept and artistic.

The Joker wouldn\'t need anything more sophisticated than a big handful of steel nuts to bring all of that to a halt.

War on fantasies? Only when they are self indulgent gas guzzlers.

It\'s a pity he doesn\'t make neato 2 people cars that get 300Km to the litre.

Mr Stiffy

Mr Stiffy, in case you didn\'t catch it, he owns a RACING company.

This is amazing, pretty awesome craftsmanship regardless of how ridiculous the original batmobile design is.

I also like how there is a replica the most beautiful car ever made (imo) toward the end of the vid.


Who cares if it makes 1/2 a mile per gallon and it\'s easy to make it stall ... Is a freaking Batmobile with a real jet egine on it!!!

Nacho Lotitto

Mr Stiffy still doesn\'t get it. This is one man\'s fantasy come to life, and as such, it\'s a remarkable artifact: it\'s ART.

So, Mr Stiffy, where is your 300 km/liter project vehicle, and when can we expect to see it?

William Lanteigne

I saw this car first hand at the Concours d\'Elegance. It is a remarkable piece of work.


Mr. Stiffy needs to take a chill pill...

Luan To

Anybody who made fun of the sound of the TV Batmobile or the little flame coming out of the exhaust, owes Bruce Wayne an appology.

Ronald Grover

luan your so right :)

and the only thing batman has to do, to combat the \"nut attack\", is to fit a screen mesh.. stiffy you really need to cheer up.

The car: what an amazing piece of work. nuff said.


Cool! I think the engine would be a T50, based on the wikipedia article about it. Dates back to the 50s.

In the 60s, my college roommate\'s father worked for Chrysler\'s engine department where Sam Williams was developing their turbine car. The employees of that department were used as test subjects, which meant that my roommate got to ride in one for a few weeks when it was his dad\'s turn to test one. He said they would have fun using the exhaust to blow leaves off their front yard. I think Chrysler managed to get the mileage up to around 10 mpg by having a large heat exchanger that recycled the heat from the exhaust to the incoming air after the compressor. But turbines are generally very inefficient at much below their rated power so they turned out not to make a very practical auto power plant. Ford tried them in trucks for a while with the same result.

For a Batmobile, though, they\'re just fine.

William Mosby

I challenge the comment about being \'not very aerodynamic\'. Though there are obviously some un-necessary artistic styling enhancements it\'s not terribly far from the shape of a Le Mans prototype racer, would like to see a drag coefficient chart for it. Any and all fuel economy issues are due to use of a turbine as the powerplant which will obviously have a very inefficient idle and acceleration, but for consistently high power levels turbines can be more reliable than piston engines. The M1 abrams tank uses a turbine engine.


The car is an outright bloody masterpiece. Nothing about it is supposed to satisfy a self indulgent tin horn greeny. "... Twin rotating recuperators transferred exhaust heat to the inlet air, greatly improving fuel economy. ..." This also allowed someone's hand to be placed in the exhaust stream at idle without immediately suffering 3rd degree burns. Not in this video but elsewhere he relates how someone followed too closely, and their plastic bumper melted. More feature than flaw on a motorcycle IMO.

The red Cheetah is pretty sweet too, I doubt it or the turbine Batmobile will ever see 1000 miles in a year, probably not even 500. Neither one is that kind of car.

Dave B13

Stiffy is as his name implies- he ALWAY criticizes- even the green stuff,too! What do people like that ever do? They never build anything, just criticize others...

Turbines work well... at high speeds.

There are people trying to bring them back to Indy, but it\'s uphill because of bureaucracy. Market share may motivate them,though - anything new would be nice.

Most motorsports are really stagnating. They\'re living on hype.

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