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Jeep revisits its past with the Mighty FC concept


March 28, 2012

Jeep and Mopar's new Mighty FC concept vehicle is based on the classic Jeep Forward Control

Jeep and Mopar's new Mighty FC concept vehicle is based on the classic Jeep Forward Control

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Between the years 1956 and 1965, Willys (and subsequently Kaiser Jeep) built a vehicle called the Jeep Forward Control. Its cab-over design allowed it to have a full-length cargo bed, while keeping its overall length to a minimum – this made it more maneuverable than would otherwise be possible. Jeep and Mopar have now teamed up to revisit the Forward Control, in the form of the Jeep Mighty FC concept.

The Mighty FC is based on the 2012 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon, although the cab has been moved up and ahead of the front axle, the wheelbase has been lengthened, and an eight-foot (2.4-meter)-plus drop-side cargo box has been added.

Some of the vehicle’s other features include a Katzkin leather interior, Mopar’s new heavy-duty offset Portal Axles, King coil-over reservoir shocks, Hanson bumpers, a Warn 16.5 winch, a Corsa stainless steel exhaust system, and 40-inch tires mounted on custom Hutchinson 17-inch wheels.

The Mighty FC is one of six concept vehicles that the two companies will be officially unveiling at the 46th Annual Moab Easter Jeep Safari, taking place in Utah from March 31st to April 8th. Some of the others include the Wrangler Rubicon-based Traildozer, a deluxe version of the Grand Cherokee known as the Trailhawk, and another nod to the company’s past, the Jeep Gladiator-inspired J-12 truck.

Source: Chrysler via Uncrate

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Oh I Want This. Obviously not as primary vehicle, but for utility work this would be amazing! And it looks awesome as well!!!


Cripes. I'd buy one in a heartbeat. Though only if it had a diesel mill.

BTW - Jeep also built a van version of the FC for the Swiss Post Office. They were still using them when I first went hillwalking in Switzerland in 1971.


Ugly but very functional in the off road sense.

Mr Stiffy

Absolutely awesome! Could even be used for daily use since it is based on the JK Unlimited and probably not as big as it looks in the photos. Although it would need to be diesel to make it a true contender for daily use.


This looks to be inspired more by Mercedes' Unimog than any old Jeep that I ever saw. Dodge got the Sprinter and it looks like Jeep got the Unimog. The only problem is that Chrysler is now owned by Fiat!


Agreed.I'm all-in if they put a diesel in it. Just don't see them having the guts to green light something that is clearly "niche". Excellent concept.


Add a drop-in or slide-in passenger module for the cargo box and I'm all in.

William Lanteigne

Looks promising, particularly the portal axles, and, as has already been pointed out, a decent turbo diesel would be the icing on the cake. Nice.

Mike Hallett

Looks like a Unimog. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unimog

Dawar Saify

Grunchy is right, this is a Unimog wannabe. And if they do a good job it should be a fine off-road vehicle. Most likly will not be made as DOC HOLLYWOOD pointed out too niche. It would be great if a car company made a real work truck, leave off all the heated seat crap that drives up the cost.


A smaller version of this might really shake up the compact pickup market.

Jon A.

I want one as well to bad they will never produce them, it to specialized of a product for what are now generic markets. I think the J-12 truck concept stand more of a chance and I would but one of those if Jeep would take my money for one.

Jon Smith

I'd put up my dollars for a diesel version of this in a heartbeat. Especially with an add in option for more passengers in the cargo box. (Great idea William Lanteigne)

Gene Jordan

re; Grunchy tswift998

Try looking on google. There us to be one only a couple blocks from were I live. This one is a much better looking vehicle. ..........................................................................................................................

I agree make it a diesel and I want one.


I'm so gonna own one after they put a Diesiel powerplant in some

Thaddeous Blanchard

I wish they made this with a cab that covered the entire frame with 4 doors and a hatch in back. Put a cargo rack on it too with built-in rollbars and some hilites. Snorkel, anyone? If Jeep came out with a line of purpose built trucks like these with several different configurations, it would be like Toyota in the mid 80's all over again!


This does look oddly like a jacked-up 1970's Leyland Sherpa- in fact there was (briefly) a 4wd version of that vehicle. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Leyland_Sherpa_ca_1981.JPG

Whilst I'm not familiar with US rules on production vehicles in regard to maximum bumper height, I somehow doubt this could be produced in volume- it looks like the bumper would be well above even that of full-sized US SUVs and pickups- so would cause serious damage in the event of an impact with another vehicle. Still, interesting concept- and like others have said- would be better still with a diesel.


This is just a copy of the Land Rover 101 Forward Control.


@ivan4: Hardly. Land Rover was virtually a copy of the World War II Jeep in the first place and Jeep brought out their original FC model long before the LR 101 and I suspect it could be claimed that even LR's Series IIA and IIB FC models were pre-dated by Jeep's FC model. Whilst I would agree the Land Rover Defender is a better off-the-shelf off-roader than Jeep's Wrangler I think it is only fair that Jeep's position as the inspiration for both Land Rover and Toyota should be acknowledged. Land Rover should have persevered with their Llama model, IMHO.

Mike Hallett

I realy want to be enthusiastic about these concepts, but since they'll never actually see the light of day it's basically Jeep giving their biggest fans the finger.

Eric de Gaston

Unfortunately, I believe the very last comment (before me) nailed it the "giving their biggest fans the finger" comment Chrysler has owned Jeep for quite some time but just what have we seen since then? These kinds of vehicles are tools.. not wannabe luxury items.. so any kind of wait between show and production is serious.... Doc


The original forward control jeep was a beast in that the CG was in the wrong place and the machine had a tendency to tip over forward. Especially when unloaded.

This may have the same problem

Gary Wray

I think it would be cool to put a camper on the back and make it for off road adventures.

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