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JF3 Freedom Bluetooth Buds offer cordless listening


June 10, 2011

JayBird's JF3 Freedom Bluetooth Buds receive a wireless signal from their user's digital audio device, eliminating the need for a cord

JayBird's JF3 Freedom Bluetooth Buds receive a wireless signal from their user's digital audio device, eliminating the need for a cord

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There's no denying that listening to some motivating tunes can help make the time fly by, when you're working out or going for a run. Probably just about everyone who has ever worn a personal music device when doing so, however, has had this happen at least once: you go to move your arm, and it catches on your earphone cord, causing your earphones to be violently yanked out. JayBird's new JF3 Freedom Bluetooth Buds are designed to keep that from happening.

As the name implies, the earphones receive an audio signal via Bluetooth from a separate MP3 player, mobile phone, or other digital audio device - the earphones and that device must be electronically paired with one another before the first use, which users can do themselves. Any device that is stereo Bluetooth-enabled should be compatible, although Jaybird also sells an adapter for those that aren't (such as the iPod classic). A built-in mic also allows the user's voice to be transmitted to the device, should it be a phone.

Once the JF3s are ready to go, the only cord that users have to contend with is a short one that goes around behind their neck, from ear to ear. Because people tend to move around a lot when they're working out, the earphones also come with honey comb-patterned silicone ear cushions. These are designed to comfortably keep the phones in place, reportedly providing "a balanced amount of resistance against the back bowl of the ear (top, back and bottom)." Each kit comes with three sizes of ear cushions, and of ear tips.

Music functions such as volume, play, pause, next and back can be controlled with buttons on the earphones, as can the answering or rejecting of phone calls. Depending on where the paired audio device is being worn, however, it might just be easier to use its controls.

In order to lessen listener fatigue, sub-bass is emphasized, while the not as ear-friendly mid-ranges and extreme treble are minimized. Should the user be a heavy sweater, the JF3s are also sealed against moisture.

Six hours of listening time are reportedly possible, on one two-hour charge of the lihium-polymer battery.

The JF3 Freedom Bluetooth Buds sell for US$99, and are available through the Jaybird website.

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Looks sick, wish I had 100 extra bucks these days.

Gerald Yeremian

Nice. But at $140 to buy and ship to the UK, it is FAR too expensive. I can order a large and heavy item from Hong Kong for $20!

Stuart Halliday

Had em. Returned em.

They appear low profile in the pictures you'll notice all the pics are in profile but they really stick out far from your head. Worse, the sound quality for phone calls is awful. Just didn't meet my needs.

Stephon Walker


Thanks for posting that. I would also warn people:


I learned the hard way. They will push the earwax to your eardrum and eventually you'll start losing hearing and having headaches. THEN, you'll have to have your ears irrigated, one of the most painful experiences you'll probably ever have short of ulcerative colitis or cancer.

JVC has some gummy earbuds that fit outside the earcanal but stay in fairly well, and available at places like wally world, but the best by far are those new spherical ones like apple makes, which butt up to the opening in the ear canal but fit outside of it. You can get excellent generics of them literally for a few dollars shipping included, on ebay.

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