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JAJA Architects aims to make car parks a little more interesting


August 12, 2014

Park 'N' Play, by Danish firm JAJA Architects (Image: JAJA Architects)

Park 'N' Play, by Danish firm JAJA Architects (Image: JAJA Architects)

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Multi-story car parks are ubiquitous, necessary, and almost always boring. Danish firm JAJA Architects hopes to do something about the latter with its Park 'N' Play project. Located in the Nordhavn area of Copenhagen, it's a multi-story car park that features plenty of parking space, but also some greenery and a kid's playground up on the roof.

JAJA Architects was given the nod to go ahead with Park 'N' Play after the firm won a competition hosted by developers By & Havn. The project is part of a wider scheme to redevelop the local harbor area and features a facade of red-brick concrete and a frieze that depicts major local historic events, in addition to scattered greenery.

While most inner-city multi-story car park staircases tend to have that smell and a distinctly sinister "about-to-get-mugged" atmosphere, JAJA Architects cites Paris' iconic Centre Pompidou as inspiration, and envisions its staircase as an attractive feature that will also offer views of the surrounding area.

The stair's handrails are dubbed the "red thread" and include a continuous bar that leads up to the roof, before twisting into some rather cool-looking playground equipment. There are also benches and viewing points for the grownups.

Park 'N' Play is scheduled to be completed in late 2015.

Sources: JAJA Architects, By & Havn via Arch Daily

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I think parking garages should go through similar treatment. I agree that the playground is rather cool looking and not just for kids since it has some things for adults.


should do this worldwide for all cities & features Id add to Car park centers o Retail store spaces o offices o Mass transit station/s o Food court o Storage area paid o EV chargers alone for added revenue aside those parking for Yearly, Monthly fee rates alone.

Franchise this worldwide

Stephen Russell

Good idea, but it doesn't really address problems with the homeless or with criminals. Maybe stairwells with plexiglass on the exterior walls so there's no privacy? PV panels to provide better lighting at lower cost? And more surveillance cameras.

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