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Jaguar unveils stunning C-X75 concept four-wheel drive electric supercar


September 29, 2010

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Like Peugeot, which has unveiled its EX1 concept electric vehicle as part of the company’s 200th anniversary celebrations, Jaguar is celebrating its 75 years with an equally, if not even more, stunning concept electric supercar. Unveiled today at the 2010 Paris Motor Show, the C-X75 boasts some impressive performance stats that prove this is no mere show pony. Powered by four 145kW electric motors – one on each wheel – producing 780bhp and a total torque output of 1600Nm (1180lb ft), the C-X75 can accelerate from 0-100km/h (62mph) in just 3.4 seconds, and from 80-145km/h (50-90mph) in 2.3 seconds, on its way to a top speed of 330km/h (205mph).


While the C-X75 is capable of running for 110km (68 miles) in purely electric mode on a six-hour domestic plug-in charge, two lightweight (35kg/77lb) micro gas-turbines, spinning at 80,000 rpm, can generate enough electricity to quickly and efficiently recharge the vehicle’s lithium-ion batteries and extend its range to 900km (560 miles). The company says the miniaturized turbine blade, developed in partnership with Bladon Jets, increases the compression and efficiency of micro-gas turbines to the point at which they can be viewed as a realistic power source. Each of the micro gas-turbines produces 70kW of power at a constant 80,000rpm and produces 28 grams (0.98oz) of CO2 per kilometer (0.62 miles).

The energy created by the turbines and stored in the batteries is transmitted to the road using four independent electric motors, which provides benefits in terms of weight-saving and distribution, packaging and efficiency. Each motor weighs just 50kg (110lb) but produces 145kW (195bhp) of power and a combined total torque output of 1600Nm (1180lb ft).

A motor on each wheel naturally means four-wheel drive and, according to Jaguar, this drivetrain also includes the ability to independently vector torque to each wheel across the full speed range, offering improved stability and control and creating an infinitely and instantaneously adjustable traction and stability control system.


As in a single-seater racing car, the seats are attached to the bulkhead and cannot be moved to ensure that air being passed to the turbines passes smoothly around them via channels in the structure of the body, so the steering wheel, controls, main binnacle and pedal box all adjust towards the driver. A newly-designed high TFT touchscreen display, dubbed the Jaguar Co-Pilot, is located in the center console is used to manage vehicle information, while the main driver information screen housed within the instrument binnacle includes the status and rpm of the two gas-turbines.

Exterior and aerodynamics

Finished in Jetstream silver, the C-X75 features an extruded and bonded aluminum chassis clad in panels of the same material, which not only reduce weight but are also easily recyclable. Jaguar says the car is shorter and lower than the current crop of supercars thanks to the absence of a conventional piston engine, with a central fuselage surrounded by prominent wheel arches.

For inspiration, the designers drew from the XJ13 LeMans prototype from late designer Malcolm Sayer and increased the design’s aerodynamic efficiency by opening the front grille and brake cooling vents only when necessary. At the rear corners of the car vertical control surfaces automatically engage at higher speeds to direct airflow to the back of the rear wheels for increased stability and efficiency.

The carbon-fiber rear diffuser that is crucial in guiding airflow under the car and creating downforce, includes an active aerofoil, which is lowered automatically as speed increases. Additionally, vanes in the exhaust ports alter the flow of gases under the car to further increase the effectiveness of the Venturi tunnel.

Ralf Speth, Chief Executive Officer, Jaguar Land Rover, says, “The C-X75 demonstrates that Jaguar is still leading the field automotive design and technology. And will always continue to build beautiful, fast cars." Just looking at the car it is hard to disagree.

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O.K. now THAT is how to make a \"super\" car! If I was ever in the market this is what I\'d look for. :-)


Wow! This is an amazing showcase of Jaguar vision & technology. Who\'s going to turn up their nose at an electric sportscar now - with jet engines! Hope it reaches production.

Chris Knowles

This car is so over the top. The rear quarter panels look like corvetter front fenders from the 60\'s. The over all shape looks like a lotus elise on steoids. Everything about this car sreams incredible. It is PERFECT!

Dave Maguire

Don\'t bother wrapping it up just send it for Xmas !!! :-)

Clive Richardson

all these electric cars with not enough electric grid to support; is this the normal way the u.s. is going? think natural gas!

Wayne Day

I love automobiles and although this may not be as fast as a Bugatti in my opinion it is a Bugatti\'s equal, technologically speaking. I have been wondering why everyone\'s trying to make more efficient electric vehicles but keep putting diesel or two stroke engines in the system to rechagre the batteries, when turbines are the more efficent and deliver better power to weight ratios. The rail system was the first to adopt the electric diesel concept and played with the electric turbine concept as earliy as the 50\'s but found the advantages weren\'t cost effective for trains but it would be perfect for cars if the batteries could be made efficient. It\'s good to see someone\'s merging the technologies together. Maybe someday the Trucking industry will do the same and make start making an electric diesel systems similar to the locomotives for fleet sales.

Matt Fletcher

Well, they\'re nearly there. All they need now is an on-board Brown\'s gas generator and they could run the two turbines on Hydrogen derived from water or, even better, use urea. Bingo, no harmful emissions at all and the driver can urinate in the tank when he runs short. Hmmmm!

Mike Hallett

think go-carts, 1960 /-. my neighbor built many, each more advanced then prior \"model\". last one had 4 chain saw engines, as the electrics in jag. i helped \'try\' to sync, but with torque slightly different at each wheel, and electronic in the future...... we tried viscous dampened \'clutching\' etc. my friend drove utilizing 4 throttles! entered races in the then new ontario, ca motor speedway. i have forgotten attained speed, but nothing could compete in its class. idea on engines goes back in history of beginning of automobiles, just remember the marques. where is this car located, where mfgrd?, amount in $, when can i pick it up? article states, \"single seat\", photo shows 2 buckets, eh ?


This is a stunning car, but not in a good way. The wheel wells are open so there is a whole lot of unnecessary drag. The front is fussy, there\'s no boat-tail. Somebody should show the nice people at Jag the textbook on aerodynamics, since it is bloody obvious that they haven\'t read it yet.


Not keen on the looks but the tech is impressive. I suspect the biggest obstacle using turbines will be the noise levels. Apart from the they are among the most efficient combustion engines in the world. Good work Jag, now for Hyundai to get on board and put this technology into showrooms. Whoever brings it to market will need to get it\'s price comparable to an equivalent petrol car.


It looks great, but what real use is it? It\'s basically a very expensive toy like all the other jokes we are surrounded by......mobile \'phones with cameras and silly \'apps\', reading tablets, etc. By the way, if you are writing a comment here, make sure you save it as you go along, or keep it brief......too long and you are logged out, and lose the lot......annoying! Ian Colley.


disagree with \'togetherinparis\' on the aerodynamics. The car appears to have a good low frontal surface area, good wheel venting for brake and motor cooling with tight-tolerance arches.The \'no boat tail\' is incorrect too - it is very nicely tapered, with what looks like a solid effort at underbody venturi aerodynamics with a low-slung airfoil/spoiler to give good downforce. The effort is clearly in high-performance cooling and aerodynamic downforce for good handling as a priority, not just namby-pamby low Cd for high fuel efficiency. I also think it looks great - taking some obvious cues from the XJ220. I must admit though, when I saw the word \'electric\' I groaned. Taking the Tesla as the benchmark, electric supercars are proving to be one-shot wonders that have to go back to the garage for an overnight recharge after any kind of \'spirited driving\', I was hoping this would be toting a 5L W-16 quad-supercharged 1001hp super-engine like the Veyron, but no...Instead, the turbine idea, now that\'s cool... I am genuinely impressed by this, finally an hybrid I would actually like to drive! When I\'m rich I\'ll buy one...


FWAAAAAAW!!!! looks even better than the lambo sixth sense concept..

Denis Klanac

Too cool. Build it Jaguar (Tata)

Ludwig Heinrich

The old saying is not entirely correct. A jaguar can certainly modify its spots. Many mainstream carmakers are starting to "go green." It was suspected that supercar businesses were certainly not going to attempt to satisfy the eco-conscious since it could get in the way of the amazingly engineered but gas guzzling automobiles that go really fast. However, individuals who thought so can begin eating their words. Hybrid supercars will be on the industry fairly soon. You're going to need large personal loans to get one though.


I want one, God help help own one please before I die? ( Lovely)

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