iXP1-500 adapter solves iPad USB charging issues


August 16, 2010

The iXP1-500 adapter is guaranteed to charge your iPad via a USB 2.0 connection

The iXP1-500 adapter is guaranteed to charge your iPad via a USB 2.0 connection

Some iPad owners may have had some difficulties charging their device via USB on non-Apple PCs with even some older Apple computers having problems in this area as well. Apple is reportedly working with third party PC manufacturers to address the problem and several PC motherboard manufacturers have already released new drivers that will allow iPad charging from a PC. If you’re still having problems though, there’s now a cheap and compact solution in the form of the iXP1-500 iPad adapter.

If you’re still getting the “Not Charging” message in your iPad’s status bar when you connect it to your computer via USB and don’t want to go to the extra hassle of connecting to a wall outlet, then the iXP1-500 adapter from Xmultiple Technologies Inc. could solve your problems. The adapter features a male USB type A connector for attaching to your computer’s USB 2.0 port and a female USB Type A connector for attaching your existing Apple charge/sync cable’s male USB Type A connector. Once connected Xmultiple says your iPad will charge over USB – guaranteed.

The iXP1-5000 retails for US$4.95. It's small, it's cheap and it fills a need. What more can we say.

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OK, someone crack one of these cheap things open and see what\'s inside.

Facebook User

The ipad still charges the battery from a pc\'s usb but it stops charging when the screen is lit as there is not enough power to do both. So this is a useless piece of kit. google it

Denis Klanac

All this does is disconnect the data lines and short them with a resistor which tells the iPad that it is connected to a charger. Most chargers don\'t do this which limits the amount of current smart devices will draw even when the charger is capable of delivering the 2.1A that an iPad needs.

Chris Hann

Oh and the Apple tiny pcb that is needed?

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