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iTapedeck is a retro case and stand for your iPhone 4


October 20, 2010

The ridiculously retro iTapedeck for iPhone

The ridiculously retro iTapedeck for iPhone

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iPhone 4 owners will be pleased to hear that they can now wrap their cutting edge mobile device in a ridiculously retro case from technology's past. iTapedeck, from Homeade, is a protective skin for the iPhone 4 that looks just like a cassette tape.

iTapedeck will certainly turn more than a few heads when you hold what looks like a cassette tape to your ear in public. No doubt more than a few onlookers will remark 'That's not how you're supposed to listen to music!' But the iTapedeck is definitely a conversation starter if there ever was one.

Also included with the cassette tape skin is a plastic case that you can use for extra protection. The case has another practical application – it functions as an iPhone stand.

iTapedeck is available for purchase from the Japanese mobile accessory gurus at Strapya, who have priced it at 1600 yen (US$18.80). It's available in two color combos: black and red, and blue and white.

iPhone users might also be interested in Homade's other iPhone stand, the wonderfully named iPlunge, which is little more than a plunger-type kickstand that sticks on the back of your phone. These are wonderfully wacky iPhone accessories for users who don't mind drawing a little attention.


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Darn. The iPhone 4 is .5\" longer than an actual Compact Cassette tape so you can\'t just pop one into a standard tape case.

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