Italtrike oko - the Ducati of tricycles?


June 16, 2010

The Italtrike oko and oko Plus

The Italtrike oko and oko Plus

If you’re excited by the new Ducati 1198, but are perhaps a little too poor or timid to buy one, here’s the next-best thing – a top-of-the-line Italian tricycle for your kid. Not only is Italtrike's oko, well, you know... Italian, but it also sports some rather clever features that make it safer and more practical than your average Lilliputian three-wheeler.

For one thing, the oko can keep pace with your growing child. The handlebars and padded seat have nine positions, each one allowing for a slightly larger body than the last. Italbike guarantees a fit for children from 2 to 5 years of age, so once your little one won’t fit even in the ninth configuration, it’s probably time to buy them a bicycle.

The oko is chain-driven, as opposed to the rather inefficient pedals-on-the-front-wheel system used on most tricycles. The chain is completely enclosed, and the bottom bracket is located underneath the rider, just like on a bike. And yes, it does have a brake.

A three-point harness keeps Junior from falling out, while the front wheel can’t turn further than 45 degrees, to keep the topple-overs to a minimum. Riders also don’t have to climb over the crossbar when getting on or off, as they would on a “domestic machine.”

There’s also a sun canopy, which is thankfully removable - at a certain age, most little boys will probably think it looks sciocco (look it up).

The Italtrike oko is available via the company website for 119 Euros (US$146 at time of publication).

Via Hammacher-Schlemmer.

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