iOS-controlled iStrike Shuttle drops balls on your enemies


October 29, 2012

The iStrike Shuttle sports an official range of around 30 feet (nine meters) and can fly for around eight minutes on one charge

The iStrike Shuttle sports an official range of around 30 feet (nine meters) and can fly for around eight minutes on one charge

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The options open to iOS users wanting a miniature aerial vehicle have increased in recent years, with the market-leading Parrot AR.Drone receiving competition in the form of the Swann RC Helicopter and Griffin Helo TC. The iStrike Shuttle by purveyor of office weaponry Dream Cheeky is the latest airborne gizmo to join the fray, hoping to stand out from the rest with an integrated weapon delivery system capable of dropping a ping-pong ball on hapless office co-workers.

The iStrike Shuttle sports an official range of up to 30 feet (nine meters), and expected flying time from one full battery charge is rated at approximately eight minutes, but this can be increased somewhat by removing the ping-pong ball and on-board "“training wheel” landing stabilizer to decrease weight.

Though an Android-compatible app is slated for eventual release, the iStrike Shuttle has been designed with the iOS platform in mind. To pilot the device, one uses an iOS app, with the relevant commands transferred via Bluetooth. There are several user-friendly templates available within the app, in order to cater to both right-handed operators and southpaws.

Future plans for the iStrike Shuttle include a camera which streams video, a ball messaging system (the ball pulls apart to present a written message), and a smart pick-up claw. For now though, Dream Cheeky is focused on bringing the iStrike Shuttle to market. With this in mind, the company has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise the required funds, which it reckons at US$30,000.

At time of writing, those who back $85 or more will be able to snag an iStrike Shuttle of their own, with expected delivery time given as “in time for the holidays."

The video below features the iStrike Shuttle pitch.

Source: Kickstarter

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How well will it survive being launched across the room with a tennis racket after it drops the ball?

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