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IRIS 9000 iPhone 4S dock provides Siri control at a distance


October 25, 2011

The IRIS 9000 provides voice control of Siri at a distance

The IRIS 9000 provides voice control of Siri at a distance

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Following the recent release of the iPhone 4S, ThinkGeek has unveiled its IRIS 9000 iPhone voice control module for iPhone and Siri. The dock brings a somewhat sinister feel to the latest iDevice's Siri feature thanks to a red glowing light that mimics the HAL 9000's iconic camera eye from 2001: A Space Odyssey. While the dock won't provide much help in opening the pod bay doors, it will allow users to dock their iPhone 4S and control Siri from across the room.

Instead of having to push the microphone button on the iPhone's display, the IRIS 9000 lets users activate Siri at distances of up to 50 ft (15 m) by pushing a button on the included micro remote. The built in microphone on the dock will then pick up your voice from across the room and amplify Siri's responses through its embedded speaker. In a nice touch, the glowing LED red eye will flicker along with Siri's voice.

Although Siri can also be controlled at a distance using a Bluetooth headset, that doesn't provide the same retro-futuristic appeal of the IRIS 9000. The IRIS 9000 can also be used as a standard speakerphone for making and receiving calls while your iPhone 4S recharges.

The IRIS 9000 runs off mains power and is only compatible with the iPhone 4S. It isn't due to ship until 2012 when it will sell for US$59.95. Interested parties can sign up at ThinkGeek to receive an email alert when the device becomes available.

The video below gives an indication of the response to what is likely to be one of the most common voice requests made when using the IRIS 9000 - but be sure to skip to the 50 second mark if your time is precious.

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\"retro-futuristic appeal\"

I can sees the retro. But not the appeal.

It saves us the inconvenience of pushing a button on our iPhone by substituting a button on a remote. Really! Is this serious?


The point of voice control is not to use things like remote controls which you have to carry around with you. For that reason, this product is no good and was poorly thought out.


Junk.....no-one needs

Terry Penrose

Instead of the button it should respond to a trigger word with the default being Siri. \"Siri. Open the pod bay doors.\"

Even better would be the ability to program your own trigger, press the program button, say your trigger word then release the button. The gizmo would then blink the red light to acknowledge successful programming.

\'Course that would probably add $100 to the price.

Gregg Eshelman

@ Oztechi - I don\'t know, but who the hell would be \"carrying around\" their desktop charger?\" I\'m pretty sure the device is used when your phone is charging; \"at your desk.\"

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