iPin turns your phone into a laser pointer


August 12, 2014

iPin is a handy gadget for those who need to be presentation-ready

iPin is a handy gadget for those who need to be presentation-ready

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Plugging neatly into your smartphone headphone jack, the iPin is a super-compact laser pointer compatible with iPhone and Android phones that comes with a handy presentation control app and is designed to ensure you're always presentation-ready.

The iPin is a nifty little gadget that plugs into your headphone jack and draws as much power as a pair of headphones to fire up its laser pointer. It also comes with presentation software that gives you touch screen control of your presentations, whether it be via swipe motions to switch slides, or by operating a remote mouse pointer.

iPin also ships with a little clip to attach the device to your regular headphone cable when you're not using it, which is a nice touch.

Can we be honest here? laser pointers are not that expensive, and not that hard to find. At US$56, the iPin is pretty expensive, but it's easy to see where the money has gone – into the marketing budget, to create the best, worst advertisement we've seen for a long, long time.

We're leaning towards declaring the video below an excellent parody, but we're left with a delicious touch of doubt that this might indeed be a serious advertising campaign. Either way, it clearly demonstrates the benefits of the iPin.

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The laser pointer has officially jumped the shark.


mass produce & install within phone for all phones IE Iphones, Galaxy etc A-Z alone Awesome.

Stephen Russell

I bet Mr. Jenkins does not supply the head phone cable either so this $56 iPin head will get lost within the first presentation, if it can be found.

Jumped the shark indeed....

Bob Flint

Outrageously expensive. A Laser pointer can be purchased for $2.oo or even less at many Big Lots stores, Dollar stores, drug stores, etc. This thing may seem convenient but where do you keep it when it i not plugged into your phone? Lost in Minutes.

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