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iSteady Shot takes the shakes out of iPhone video


November 11, 2009

The iSteady Shot iPhone camera stabilizer gives you the control of a Hollywood-style 'stea...

The iSteady Shot iPhone camera stabilizer gives you the control of a Hollywood-style 'steady-cam' for US$100

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Is your iPhone movie-making prowess giving your viewers motion sickness? Are your carefully planned, in-your-face action sequences of your friends’ skateboarding accidents or grandma’s 80th birthday party antics not making it to Funniest Home Videos because of your inability to hold your iPhone still while you capture potential money-making footage. Fear not, if what the manufacturers say is true, the iSteady Shot camera stabilizer will soon have you cashing in. For roughly US$100, you can attach you iPhone or iPod nano to device and have your very own Hollywood-style “steady-cam” – check the video below to see what a difference the iSteady Shot makes to everyday filming.

The iSteady Shot won't fit in your pocket along with your phone but it's still quite small at 7 inches folded, extending to 12.25 inches at full height and is 9.2 inches long. Without a phone it weighs 1.24lb (1.5lb with iPhone).

Made in the U.S. from aircraft-grade aluminum, stainless steel and plastic, it can be adjusted to fit an iPhone/nano with case, and iPhone 3GS and iPod nano (5th Gen).

The two axes gimbal allows for smooth 360° movement and the item comes fully assembled and balanced, allowing you to connect, point and shoot.

The manufacturers stay they are still tweaking the design of the iSteady Shot but expect pre-orders become available just prior to Christmas for US$99.95, with delivery and availability unknown at the time of publishing this article.

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