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iPhone goes platinum


December 10, 2007

Platinum coated iPhone

Platinum coated iPhone

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December 11, 2007 Goldstriker International have announced new additions to their expanding range of luxuriously finished consumer electronics showpieces which include a 24ct. gold plated iPhone. The company's new Power of Platinum collection makes some of the world’s most sought after gadgets even more desirable by coating them in the world’s most precious metal.

The Power of Platinum collection includes a limited run of 250 platinum coated iPhones retailing for £1099.95 (approx. USD$2,245) each, 50 sets of the Bang & Olufsen Beocom 4 for £999.95 (approx. USD$2,040) each, and for those looking for something a bit more affordable there is always the 3rd Gen iPod Nano also struck in platinum and priced at £399.95 (approx. US$815).

The Power of Platinum range is due for release in January 2008, but for those looking for something to stuff in the stocking of the person who has everything Goldstriker also offers a range of items coated in gold, including a wide range of mobile phones and, for those that don’t think silver isn’t a shiny enough finish for their laptop, there is the gold plated MacBook Pro. The 24ct. gold plated MacBook Pro is available from £2,195 (approx. US$4,479) while an 18ct. Rose Gold version starts at £2,395 (approx. US$4,486).

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