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July 5, 2010

Dahon's BioLogic Bike Mount for iPhone lets you mount your iPhone on your handlebars

Dahon's BioLogic Bike Mount for iPhone lets you mount your iPhone on your handlebars

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If you’re one of those Appleheads who just love their iPhone, then chances are you want to maximize the number of places you can use the thing. For instance, do you hate going without it during your bike commute? Well, now you don’t have to. Dahon, who brought us the ReeCharge bicycle-mounted electronics charger, also offers the Biologic Bike Mount for iPhone. And no, it’s not intended for web-surfing as you navigate downtown traffic.

The Bike Mount attaches to your handlebars, can pivot 360 degrees into landscape or portrait mode, and seals your phone inside a weatherproof, silicon-lined case. While the screen is protected against water and dust, it does still respond to the touch of your fingers.

Because the phone’s speaker and microphone are sealed away along with everything else, carrying on a conversation without a headset could prove difficult. Instead, Dahon suggests that the mount be used mainly to track your position on a map via GPS, and monitor your speed and distance traveled - essentially, you’d be using your iPhone as a cycling computer. As the case has a window in the back for the iPhone 4’s camera, Dahon also suggests it could be used to shoot video of your ride. With the phone/camera mounted directly on the bike’s frame, however, that footage might be awfully shaky.

Weather-protected openings on the case allow for the use of headsets or headphones (tsk-tsk), and a charger. If you own a ReeCharge system, the Bike Mount is completely compatible with it. While the case’s silicone lining does provide a bit of shock resistance, the Bike Mount isn't intended for off-road use.

So, will this device be used only for the forces of good, or will it result in things like Facebook status updates along the lines of “BOB SMITH is typing this as he’s drafting a bus at 50kph!”? Good question. If you promise us not to use it for anything dumb, you can pick up a BioLogic Bike Mount for US$59.99 via Dahon’s website.

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As a former cyclist I can tell you that anything that distracts your concentration from what is going on around you on the road is life-threatening. This is way dumber than ear buds.

C. O. Slavens

I wonder how iPhones cope with all the pounding. The roads around Sydney aren\'t the smoothest, and the poor old phone might take a bit of a battering, even in a durable case.


Not to mention that I can even see my Iphone in the bright sunlight!

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