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iPhone app helps you find your parked car


July 10, 2008

G-park application for the iPhone

G-park application for the iPhone

July 11, 2008 Here's a handy iPhone application that's set to launch tomorrow when the iPhone 3G drops around the world: G-park is a very simple program. When you park your car, you hit "park me" and it drops a GPS flag on your current location. When you can't remember where you parked, you just hit "where did I park?" and Google maps gives you turn-by-turn directions back to your car.

G-park is really nothing more than a simple way to drop a location flag on your GPS - but if you spend any time in unfamiliar towns you may well find it very useful.

Download G-park from the iTunes App Store from this Friday onwards. It will still work with original non-GPS iPhones, showing you a map of where your car is, but with the new model full turn-by-turn directions will be available.

Via Gizmodo.

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