iPhone 5 to be unveiled on October 4, voice control a killer feature?


September 27, 2011

Apple is expected to showcase its latest iPhone at a press event on October 4th (Pictured - iPhone 4)

Apple is expected to showcase its latest iPhone at a press event on October 4th (Pictured - iPhone 4)

The wait will soon be over. Apple has sent out press invitations for an event on October 4th in which it's expected to introduce iPhone 5. Apple's new CEO Tim Cook, who succeeded Steve Jobs last month, is likely to preside over the "Let's talk iPhone" gathering and indications are that the killer feature of the new smartphone will be an extensive voice control system called the Assistant.

According to 9to5Mac, improvements in the latest iPhone will include dual-core 1GHz Apple A5 CPU (as in the iPad 2), 1GB of RAM (twice more than in iPhone 4 and iPad 2) and a sharper 8-megapixel camera with a backlit sensor. The biggest selling point, however, might be a feature called Assistant.

Assistant hooks in to many features of the phone to allow users to set calendar appointments, ask for directions, and find the location of your friends using voice commands.

Assistant is also integrated with Wolfram Alpha answer engine, which will provide instant answers to questions like "how many inches in one foot"? or "which city is the capital of Argentina?"

iPhone 5 is also said to have Nuance speech-to-text functionality for dictation and there's a promise of extended conversation capabilities in which the system will speak back and forth with the user to provide the most accurate results.

Could it be that the era of practical, useable voice control has finally arrived.

On the downside, it appears that Assistant does require a 1GHz Apple A5 CPU and 1GB of RAM, leaving iPhone 4 and iPad 2 users without the feature.

As for form factor, the jury is still out. It's possible that the iPhone5 will look very much like the current model in terms of its shell, but there are plenty of rumors circulating as to possible changes to its appearance. In any case, all should be revealed on October 4.



So 10 years later they catch up and let me guess \"It will be magical\" haha... Phones have had that forever, and androids in particular.

Kanaida Malvado

So they\'ll be announcing the iPad 2S as well then? Seems like a missed opportunity to have a new \"killer feature\" that your flagship tablet can\'t run because to too little RAM.

Abe Gilbert

With tens of millions of loyal i-Diots, this will sell.

Joseph Shimandle

How many other features are already lined up, waiting for the next model update? This is looking obvious as a cynical marketing exercise. Wait until sales drop a bit, then bring out a new \'improved\' version.


If Apple is so bad and evil, why are you guys here checking out their latest announcement before bad mouthing it? Don\'t like it? Don\'t use it. It\'s a simple solution.

Bruce Sherman

Killer feature? Does not sound like one for me. Nevertheless, I passed on the iP4 and it is a really great phone. I think I will be happy with the slightly enhanced iP5.

Marc-André Stinson

Voice control is overdue if you ask me. Keyboards don\'t cut it. If this thing has 2 microphones so that it can tell which direction sound is coming from it should be able to work in noisier environments. Also if someone needs to ask their phone how many inches in a foot, chances are they\'re not rich enough to own one. Unless they\'re a lotto winning dropout I guess.... :-)


Can you book tables at resterants and cinema tickets using androids voice control ?


Stop calling it the Apple A5 CPU... It is a system on a chip... that includes a CPU. Samsung puts it together for them by using an ARM CPU, a POWER VR GPU and a few other microprocessors. These are the same chips Samsung used to use in their phones. they have since moved on to faster CPU\'s.

Gabriel Jones

t2af: yes, you can. That doesn\'t mean I don\'t think this phone looks decent: it certainly includes some competitive features, and I am pro wolfram even if I think Apple doesn\'t know what they are biting off. I will hold out for an AMOLED screen though thank you.

Charles Bosse

Can I book a table at a restaurant using voice on an android? Yes, it is called a phone. Magical concept, but phones allow you to call a restaurant and book a table with just your voice! Lets see: Face Time! wow magic, just like skype, just like the stupid video calling I\'ve had for the past 5-6 years on my phone already, but Apple says it is a game changer and who am I to argue? Voice control? What, like Dragon Naturally Speaking for the pc for the last 10+ years? And like on Nokia phones (on and off) for the past 10+ years? And about as useful? Voice control is rubbish. If you\'ve never used it, it sounds amazing, but the reality is it is similar to talking to a mentally retarded 2 year old. Nothing you say really gets through and forget it if you have an accent. iPhones are good phones and good smart phones, no doubt, but all the hype just makes me cringe.


Well spoken scion


\'Can you book tables at resterants and cinema tickets using androids voice control ?\'

Yes there\'s an App, but nearly all telephones come with the option to USE YOUR OWN VOICE TOO...

Sheesh... when is the bickering going to stop?

Andy Thompson
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