Will the ‘death grip’ play a part when the iPhone 4 hits 17 more countries this Friday?


July 26, 2010

Apple's iPhone 4 will be released in another 17 countries on July 30

Apple's iPhone 4 will be released in another 17 countries on July 30

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This Friday, June 30, sees the release of Apple’s iPhone 4 in an additional 17 countries. And the big question being asked is will the recent hoopla about the device’s antenna problems affect the launch, or will Apple’s recent announcement of free bumpers for all new and existing iPhone 4 customers mean it’s the standard frenzy that has gone hand-in-hand with the launch of Apple products in recent times?

The iPhone 4 is already available in France, Germany, Japan, the UK and the US and on Friday that list will be expanded to include Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, New Zealand, Singapore, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland.

In Australia at least, all indications are that the ‘death grip’ controversy won’t be a huge factor. Major telcos Optus and Telstra have both announced they will be opening their doors at midnight on Thursday to allow customers to be the first to purchase the device and save them the discomfort of camping out all night in winter temperatures.

Both those companies have asked people looking to purchase an iPhone 4 to register their interest on their websites over the past few weeks. So you’d think they’d have a fair idea as to the level of consumer interest and wouldn’t be going to the trouble and expense of a midnight launch unless the numbers were there to warrant it.

Telstra told the Sydney Morning Herald that tens of thousands of customers had registered their interest in buying the iPhone 4, “more than any other iPhone launch to date”. However, with both companies only today announcing plans and pricing for the Apple device it remains to be seen whether interest will translate into sales.

We’d like to hear from any readers in countries that are seeing the release this Friday. Has the recent antenna problem had any effect on your intentions to snap up the device or not? Post your thoughts in the comments.

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I\'ll be waiting to see if apple actually redesigns the problem out of the phone, much as it pains me because otherwise I would line up to get one. Supplying \"free\" bumpers that cost 30 cents to manufacture is not a big gesture from apple in comparison to the probable 200 or more dollars profit. I will begin to respect them again if they grow up and admit the flaw. The antenna should be on the top where no hands tend to go. Apple, recognize your hubris and own your mistake.


No other country is as wimpy when it comes to gadgets.

Senthil Ramasamy

Yes, I\'ll be buying one - in Hong Kong - but not until October, when the hullaballoo has abated and any more bugs that may be lurking at Apple\'s core have been detected and eliminated.


Feeding the Apple Mac high tech for mostly useless things - drug habit.

I picked up a Samsung C5220, new, unlocked, for like $50.... and it\'s basically a phone, with some extra features.

It\'s small, light, compact and does phone calls....

I think it\'s called \"Grumpy old man\" syndrome - \"I just want a bloody phone that makes phone calls\"....

Goodbye Steve Jobs.

Mr Stiffy
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