iPad Stencils help draw mockup apps on paper


June 20, 2010

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Here's a clever stencil kit that will help iPad developers sketch out their application ideas on paper. UI Stencils' iPad Stencil Kit features all the standard buttons and menu items that you would see on an iPad, and lets you trace them out on your paper with ease.

The company also features an iPad sketchbook where you can draw out your application designs. The paper is marked with a grid as well to ensure that you keep everything on the level.

The stencils are selling for $24.95 via the company's website while the sketchbook will set you back $12.95. For any application developer that's not going to break your budget, and it certainly helps to have a solid mock-up anytime that you need to pitch your ideas. The company also offers similar products tailored to the iPhone as well.

UI Stencils are not the only company to take advantage of the current iPad craze by marketing to app developers. At the recent Make Meeting in Tokyo, Gocco's Padnote* was available for purchase. It was similar to UI Stencils' sketchbook, but Gocco cut the Padnote to look as much like an iPad as possible, complete with embossed buttons including the volume on the side. The result was pretty sweet.


I use an easier mock-up app from Balsamiq. The mock-ups don\'t look \"final\" so you feel more free to change them. Once something is on paper, it may be tough giving it up.


Very Innovative.

Dr.A.Jagadeesh Nellore(AP),India

Anumakonda Jagadeesh

Hmmm, in today\'s digital world, who uses pen and pencil anymore?

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