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iPad news roundup #2


March 29, 2010

iPad news roundup #2

iPad news roundup #2

We're still holding on to the firehose of iPad news as the official April 3 release date approaches. Here's our latest round-up on iPad availability, apps and accessories.

iPad pre-orders are already on the way via UPS, with eager customers receiving shipping notices [GadgetLab] marking the imminent arrival of 2010's most sought after tech-toy.

Early adopters still agonizing over the list price might find this tidbit encouraging. Taking inflation into account, you can buy 43 iPads for the same price you would have paid for one Apple Lisa personal computer in 1983. [Voucher Codes].

iPad Apps

At least 100 iPad apps are expected to appear immediately. This widget dashboard app from Carnegie Mellon student Rich Hong is just one taste. [Techcrunch]

Dashboard on iPad from Rich Hong on Vimeo.

Apps should also lend a hand to iPad owners looking for a Wi-Fi hotspot. Boingo is already on board with an app that allows purchase of hourly access to its 125,000-odd hotspots through an existing iTunes account. [jkOnTheRun].

3G edition due late April

Current pre-orders for the Wi-Fi only model are expected to ship by April 12, but the Wi-Fi + 3G iPad version won't start moving until "late April." [ZDNet]

HTML5 video for iPad

The much discussed absence of Flash support on the iPad is driving a burst of interest in HTML5 video delivery. CBS is testing HTML5 and Brightcove, whose clients include the New York Times and Time Inc. , has announced it will support HTML5. [ArsTechnica]

iPad sales estimates

Given the performance pf the iPhone in the marketplace, it's no surprise that market watchers are lining up to guess how many units will disappear from shelves this year. Morgan Stanley has raised its estimate from 5 million to "8 million to 10 million" units in 2010, Barclay's says 5 million and Macquarie Research estimates 4 million, but the availability of the iPad at Best Buy could well see these figures trounced. [ZDNet]

From the source

If you're already starting to think about accessories, there's an iPad Camera Connection Kit listed at the Apple Store which includes two connectors - one for USB transfer and the other for SD Cards - for transferring photos directly to the iPad. The Photos app opens automatically when connected and the new photos are added to your computer next time you sync up.

And if you're wondering what kind of web browsing experience the iPad will offer, Apple has produced a Safari on iPad video to demonstrate. There's also guided-tours of mail, photos, videos, iPod, iBooks and other key iPad functions.

Stay tuned to Gizmag for more updates - there was always going to be an iPad buzz... and it's deafening.

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1 Comment

"Taking inflation into account, you can buy 43 iPads for the same price you would have paid for one Apple Lisa personal computer in 1983."

Umm, even though the Lisa and the iPad are both Apples.... you cannot compare them like apples to apples..... ;)

There is no comparison, the tech has moved on. Using _your_ analogy, you could get millions of iPads for the cost of a 60's computer but one iPad will be more powerful.

Perhaps you should be talking de-flation?

30th March, 2010 @ 08:11 pm PDT
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