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High-res Nexus 7, iPad mini with Retina Display coming later this year?


March 16, 2013

A DisplaySearch analyst says the supply chain could be pointing to high-res iPad mini and ...

A DisplaySearch analyst says the supply chain could be pointing to high-res iPad mini and Nexus 7 sequels in 2013

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In the past year, both large tablets and 5-inch smartphones have shifted to razor-sharp, high-resolution displays. Smaller tablets, however, have yet to make that leap. According to an analyst who’s been keeping tabs on the supply chain, that could soon change – with both the iPad mini and Nexus 7 switching to high-res “Retina” displays.

Google strikes first?

The analyst suggests that Google and Asus could strike first, with a high-res Nexus 7 sequ...

According to CNET, DisplaySearch analyst Paul Semenza sees the supply chain moving in that direction. After examining data from Asian parts suppliers, he predicts that Google and ASUS will strike first, releasing a 2nd-generation Nexus 7 with a sharper display.

He predicts that the 2nd-gen Nexus 7 will tote a 1,920 x 1,200 display, at 323 pixels per inch (PPI). That would be a significant upgrade over the current model’s 1,280 x 800 (216 PPI) display. Semenza said panel production could potentially start in Q2 2013.

Retina iPad mini in October?

Many iPad mini owners have fantasized about a future model with a Retina Display

Semenza then sees Apple shipping the much-desired iPad mini with Retina Display sometime in Q3 or Q4, 2013. It would quadruple its predecessor’s pixel count, jumping to 2,048 x 1,536 (326 PPI). Unless Apple radically alters its approach to upgrading iOS device displays, Semenza's prediction is no surprise. Apple upgrades iOS device displays in even multiples, to maximize compatibility and simplify the transition for developers.

Semenza didn't go as far as predicting that the Retina iPad mini would be thicker and heavier than its predecessor, but he did reiterate Apple's challenge in creating the product, pointing to the fact that the Retina iPads (3rd and 4th gen models) are chunkier than the iPad 2.

The analyst's predictions are potentially in line with previous (alleged) leaks, which pointed to a higher-resolution Nexus 7 sequel in May. Separate leaks suggested that the iPad mini won’t get a Retina Display until October.

Grains of salt

It's wise to take all supply chain rumors with many grains of salt (salt image: Shuttersto...

When you’re dealing with Apple rumors and supply chain leaks, it’s often hard to separate fact from fiction. But with multiple leaks pointing in the same direction – and few murmurs contradicting them – there's a decent chance that this smoke will soon reveal a fire.

Source: CNET

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The only reason really to buy an iPad Mini over a Nexus 7 is if you are already invested into the ecosystem, you want a better (not really a "good") camera, or you want the Mini model with cellular. Other than that, the Nexus 7 out shines the Mini in almost every category.

1. The base models - N7 is $130 less expensive!!!

2. N7 has 216 ppi compared to 163 ppi screens

3. Jelly Bean 4.2 is far more feature rich then iOS

- Multi-tasking

- Widgets, custom shortcuts, custom launchers

- Slide loading apps

- Run any launcher you want

- Connect a mouse

- Etc

Personally, the only thing I think the N7 is missing that I would want is cell will both data and voice. Pair it with a BT and it become my single mobile device.

Rann Xeroxx
17th March, 2013 @ 03:03 pm PDT

"Personally, the only thing I think the N7 is missing that I would want is cell will both data and voice. Pair it with a BT and it become my single mobile device."

I think it's missing two things, a memory expansion slot and one or two better cameras.

17th March, 2013 @ 10:46 pm PDT

If Apple does release the Retina iPad mini, ill be buying it. There no sense in buying an iPad if it doesn't have a Retina display. Fairly funny though, because I recently saw that Hawaiian Airlines just bought 1500 non retinas for their Airplanes. Maybe Apple gave them a good deal before the Retina will come http://VaultFeed.com/hawaiian-airlines-gets-ipad-mini-entertainment-instead-of-traditional-junk/ - I dont know, but im really glad that I have an iPad. Hawiian Airlines wants to charge a crazy $17 bucks a flight for using the iPad Mini. That seems crazy. Ill just wait and buy the iPad retina as soon as it comes out! lol...

Joshua Paul Boram
29th August, 2013 @ 06:41 pm PDT
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