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iPad Mini pricing may have been leaked


October 20, 2012

The smaller iPad is rumored to have a thinner bezel on the sides

The smaller iPad is rumored to have a thinner bezel on the sides

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Like most of Apple's recent products, many of the iPad Mini's details have leaked. It will probably sport a 7.85-inch display with narrow bezels, share many internals with the iPad 2, and be ridiculously light and thin. The biggest remaining question, then, may be the tablet's price. If a new report has any legs, we may now know that too.

As reported by 9to5Mac, the base model of the iPad Mini (or iPad Air?) will ring up at US$329. The tablet would also be available in models with extra storage, each of which would add $100 in increasing increments. The tablet would also be available in 3G/LTE-enabled models, which would carry a $130 premium over those with Wi-Fi only.


Is US$329 too much for a miniature iPad?

Many were expecting Apple to price the smaller iPad somewhere between US$200-300, to better butt heads with the Kindle Fire HD and Nexus 7. A $329 price point isn't far from that range, but it's also about as high as Apple can go. If it charged any more, the iPad Mini would be invading the $400 territory of the iPad 2 (though it may be phased out), and inching closer to the third-gen iPad's $500.

If this leak is accurate, the smaller iPad will need to justify its price with a killer feature. Apart from the App Store and iTunes, that may be its form. Apple may go the iPad Air route, creating a device that's so light and thin that competitors' devices look like clunky old shoeboxes. Failing that, the tablet may be a hard sell next to the ($130 cheaper) Kindle Fire HD and Nexus 7.

This and other rumors will be put to the test when Apple reveals the new tablet on Tuesday, October 23. Gizmag will have news and analysis of the event, continuing to the device's rumored November 2 launch.

What do you think: if this leak is legit, is $330 a good mark? Or would Apple have been smart to drop it down closer to the prices of other budget tablets? Let us know in the comments.

Source: 9to5Mac

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Although it would be fantastic for the prcing to be rivalling of other products, in the uk the $329 works out at £205 which is less than the lattest ipod touch. Lets face it we know what Apple is about, you buy for the name less than the product it is extremely unlikely that this is accurate.

Tom Bailey

I think the head to head price would work best.

Carlos Grados

At $329, it makes the newest iPod Touch (at $300) seem expensive.

Sambath Pech

The price is still too high unless it's got the great camera and HDvideo. If it doesn't, it is kind of pricey. I'd prefer a $300, 16GB, wifi model. I'd love to fill my school with low-price, long battery price devices. Also, I'm seeing Whispernet from Kindle giving us more management tools, compared to Apple's consumer only perspective. I think we'll see the price come down in the future but I'd prefer lower prices to give me room to buy apps and keep my costs below $500 for all apps, cases, and warranties. The single biggest issue though is when you break an iPad you have to go to the Apple store to get it fixed. Consumer vs Enterprise is still an ongoing battle.


Far too expensive, but not surprising knowing Apple !

280 USD would have been a very sweet and apt point. But Apple lovers won't mind 329 as well.

Atul Malhotra

I was planning on buying a mini Ipad if it's priced reasonably because of all the apps I have invested in. But if your rumored price is correct, then I won't be buying one. I'll continue to use the original Ipad I still own.

I thought the mid $200s was about right, price wise. I would have considered up to $275. Tops. It IS half an Ipad, afterall. I guess this settles it for me. I will be buying a Ms. Surface instead.


I spent 110€ for a N8zero... lets face it.. is a stupid waste of resources from apple but considering I don't like apple business I pretty much dont care.

I cant understand why apple has to be so **** expensive... does does things have gold inside?? sometimes I think they do...

Tiago Roque

Anything close or over $269 is too much for the base model when the outstanding and much larger iPad with 16GB is only $399 list.

Why deal with more expensive accessories since the iPad2 has so many inexpensive choices. $199 for base and $249 for 16 would retain Apples dominance of the market.

For $330, I would expect a Retina display.

James Ayers

It is so funny to read the remarks whenever Apple puts out a new product.

I have never paid more for an Apple device than what I thought was reasonable for what I received in return.

The iPad: There were many "ex-perts" who determined that the iPad was a ridiculous idea and that no one would buy them. After selling some 2+ million in the first 30 days, or so, there were still those who said it was a fad and wouldn't last.

Shortly after that they jumped on the wagon and said it was a great idea but too expensive.

This is always good news for Apple competitors. Apple creates a market and others benefit by providing ancillaries or even competing products.

The fact that Apple prices their products to be profitable and plows more $$ into the next idea is great for everyone, Apple lovers and haters!

Really it is, think about it if you are a hater.

I love Ferrari but many would argue their product does not justify its price.

Some people obviously think it is justified because they buy them and Ferrari keeps making them. (By the way, I cannot afford a Ferrari, but if I could I would...despite the price!)

If Apple prices this product wrong, you can bet the market will tell them by lack of sales.

Apple does make mistakes! I have seen quite a few in the 25 years I have been a customer. I didn't buy their mistakes.

I personally want a 21 inch iPad that I can stick next to my chair and use on my lap! Since I am apparently the only one, I doubt I will see it made.

Keep on hating Apple, it is your right to not buy things that don't give you the value you are looking for.

Dr. Veritas
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