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Retina iPad mini "delayed" until 2014?


July 12, 2013

A report from the far East suggests Apple has pushed back the release of the second-genera...

A report from the far East suggests Apple has pushed back the release of the second-generation iPad mini with Retina Display until early 2014, rather than the 2013 holiday release many expected.

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It was probably about three seconds after the original iPad mini launched, when the question was first asked: "How long until it gets a Retina Display?". For all of the current model's great features (premium build, light weight, compact form factor), its 163 PPI display isn't exactly cutting-edge. Rumors have been all over the place about the inevitable Retina upgrade, but a new report says that it may be showing up a little later than expected.

According to Economic Daily News, Apple's original plans to launch the iPad mini with Retina Display before the 2013 holidays have been scrapped, and the company is now targeting early 2014. The move is allegedly due to shortages of the expected 7.9-inch, 2,048 x 1,536 display panels.

The tablet is expected to sport a 7.9-inch, 2,048 x 1,536 display

The report suggests that Apple may offer both Retina and non-Retina versions of the mini-tablet. Would that mean that the Retina version would ring up for more than the current model's US$330 starting price? Or would the non-Retina version be cheaper, in order to better fend off competition like the Kindle Fire and Nexus 7? Or both?

Either way, assuming this story holds water, then you might not want to count on unwrapping that iPad mini: Eye Candy Edition this holiday season. Being an Apple rumor, however, making any assumptions might not be such a wise thing to do.

Source: Economic Times, via Macrumors

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