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Apple considering April release for iPad 5, iPad mini 2?


March 5, 2013

The next iPad is rumored to look like a larger version of the iPad mini

The next iPad is rumored to look like a larger version of the iPad mini

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Apple surprised everyone last October when the iPad 4 arrived just seven months after the iPad 3. That begged the question: would the company release the iPad 5 in the device’s typical March/April timeslot? Recently, all signs pointed to “no.” A new report, though, says that Apple is still considering launching new iPads within the next couple of months.

Around the corner?

The report doesn't expect an iPad mini with Retina Display just yet

According to iMore, Apple is giving an April iPad launch “serious consideration.” That contradicts recent rumors that the iPad 5 wouldn’t arrive until October, but potentially supports recent leaked casings for the next-gen tablet (which look like a larger iPad mini).

The report doesn't provide much else in the way of solid details about the upcoming iPad(s), but it does pose new questions. If Apple did hold an iPad event next month, would there be new versions of both the iPad and iPad mini?

If so, the source says that an iPad mini with Retina Display “doesn’t sound imminent.” Pricing, battery life, and size/weight concerns may force Apple's engineers and designers to wait a bit longer for that highly-anticipated upgrade.

iPhone 5S in August?

Don't expect the iPhone 5S to look different from the iPhone 5

Following close on the heels of a report about the iPhone 5S arriving in June or July, iMore also claims to have details about the iPhone 5’s sequel. It says the phone will launch in August, sporting the same design as the iPhone 5, a faster processor, and an upgraded camera. You know, typical iPhone xS fare.

Today’s earlier report had the iPhone 5S also carrying a fingerprint sensor beneath the home button, and “Smart Flash” camera tech.

Source: iMore

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