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Iomega's US$100 iConnect Wireless Data Station


January 6, 2010

Iomega's new iConnect Wireless Data Station is like a Pogoplug on steroids. Just plug in up to four of your existing USB storage devices, and connect it to your (wired or wireless) network, and you've got a web-accessible, Time Machine-compatible, UPnP-streaming, torrent-downloading and print-serving Network-attached storage (NAS) device - and it's only US$100.

Just in case you missed any of that: you can access the data on any connected USB device over the Internet, it'll stream media files to any UPnP compatible device (like your PlayStation 3, HDTV or digital photo frame), you can download files from Bittorrent without a computer turned on, and you can connect two USB printers and share them over your network.

Other features of note include device-to-device data replication for easy backups, and Picture Transfer Protocol (PTP) support for automatic backup of digital cameras connected to any of the USB ports. And it's fast too - with Gigabit wired and 802.11b/g/n wireless networking on board.

The iConnect Wireless Data Station supports Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, and will be available worldwide in February for US$99.99.

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\"Iomega give owners a personalized web address through which they can access content on any drive plugged in, whether they’re doing so from a Mac, PC or Linux machine. From that UI it’s also possible to remotely administer the iConnect, establishing BitTorrent downloads or triggering backups from networked machines.\"

Nice! Will be purchasing from Newegg as soon as it\'s available. Now it\'s easier to share a printer and backup hard-drive between four computers, with WinXP, Vista, and Win7 making, until now, things a bit difficult.

Kudos, Iomega!

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