Incog bike multi-tool stores in your handlebars


June 5, 2012

Incog takes the tools out of your pack and stores them in the bike

Incog takes the tools out of your pack and stores them in the bike

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Anyone from high-flying freeriders to bike-touring workhorses can benefit from cutting weight out of their packs and bike bags, but they can't afford to cut out essential provisions like the tools needed for in-the-field bike repair. The inCOG bike tool cuts weight from cyclists' packs by integrating tools into the bike itself.

The Incog is a bike-specific multi-tool that slides into a bike's handlebars for storage. The main tool carries hex wrenches and screwdriver bits sized specifically for bike components. A second tool with a tire repair kit can be stored on the other side. You can also customize the tools for your own needs.

The main Incog tool has a series of compartments strung together by elastic. The entire package is inserted into the hollow handlebars, and thanks to its flexible, snakelike build, it can be used in both straight and curved handlebars. The end of the tool serves as a bar cap, which is secured by a tamper-resistant friction lock with a unique twisting key.

Designer Joshua Brassé explains that the Incog can keep "thieves and meddlers" away from your bike tools by concealing them. However, we'd be more concerned with said thieves and meddlers stealing the bike itself, to hell with the tools. A bigger advantage here is that the Incog takes the weight of the multi-tool off your back or dangling saddle bag and puts it somewhere that you're unlikely to notice it. Depending on what you carry in your backpack or bike bag, you may be able to eliminate it altogether.

If the tool is particularly heavy, it might affect your riding, but it appears to be relatively compact and lightweight, so we're guessing you wouldn't even notice it. On the other hand, it might be more annoying than it's worth if it rattles around inside the handlebars.

The Incog is up for pre-order on Ideacious, one of the multitude of websites that attempt to drum up interest in and funding for possible products. The pre-order price is set at US$60.

Source: Ideacious via Gear Hungry

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Simply genius. Never would've thought of this.

Sambath Pech

Great idea. only edit I would make is that the tool would clip into an existing cap that is hollowed out. This would allow the tool system to be used on road bikes without having to worry about making the tape look nice every time you use the tool.

The only other thing I would worry about is any change in handling dynamics and if the tools would rattle around while in the bars.

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