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iGrill Bluetooth cooking thermometer for iPhone


January 18, 2011

The iGrill is a cooking thermometer that transmits the temperature of cooking meat to its user's iPhone, iPod or iPad, via Bluetooth

The iGrill is a cooking thermometer that transmits the temperature of cooking meat to its user's iPhone, iPod or iPad, via Bluetooth

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It can be a tricky business, determining when grilled meat is properly cooked inside. You could buy a probe-equipped thermometer, but that would still need to be checked periodically – if you’re entertaining guests out by your barbecue, checking a thermometer is something that you could easily forget to do. What someone needs to invent is a cooking thermometer that notifies your iPhone, iPod or iPad via Bluetooth, when your steaks have reached the desired internal temperature. Needless to say, such a product has, in fact, been invented – it’s made by iDevices, and is called the iGrill.

The device can read temperatures ranging from 32F (0C) to 400F (204C), and runs on four AA batteries. Although it comes with one probe, it can accept two at once, for simultaneously monitoring two pieces of meat. And no, the electronic part of the device does not sit inside your barbecue or oven – only the probe goes in there, which is connected to the device by a 48-inch (122-cm) heat-resistant cable.

The included Bluetooth app, besides simply relaying the meat’s temperature, also advises what temperatures you should be aiming at for different types of meat, and lets you know approximately how long it will be before your meat is ready.

If you’re not part of the Apple cult, or you simply don’t want to bother setting up the app, the iGrill also works as a stand-alone tool. Sealed controls allow you to enter the desired temperature directly on the device itself, which has its own LED temperature display, and which will beep when the meat is done. If you do take advantage of its Bluetooth feature, it will be able to communicate with your chosen i-whatzit from a range of over 200 feet (61 meters).

The iGrill is available at Apple stores and through the product website, for US$99.99. It currently comes only in white, although a black version is coming out in February, along with custom skins “in a variety of colors and styles to express your individual mood” (oh, brother). An Android version is also in the works.

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This could be the most useless invention I\'ve ever seen. Just get a damn thermometer. Even a digital one runs under $20. Does you steak really need to be connected to your phone for it to be good?

If you can\'t cook the food while entertaining or god forbid you leave your guests for 5 minutes, you probably should avoid social situation...

Jamie Estep

This is what has been missing on the market, since the iPhone birth!

Roland Pondevie

Ok, this is very silly. I want one

Matt Jensen

I have been asking for a WiFi cooking thermometer for years. Since most tvs, phones and obviously computers can hook up to your network it would be so easy to create apps and programs to check the progress of your brownies, roast or what ever from anywhere in the house.

I have a 2 wireless thermometer and they works great, but its so limited in functionality. I use them for everything. cooking cakes, lasagna, baked potatoes, meats, beans. Heck i hang one over the edge of the jetted tub when filling it so I know when the tub is full. I need about 10 more but willing to wait till a WiFi version comes out.

I have an iPhone, and my laptop does Bluetooth too but the range is too much of a factor. I have the oven hooked up a networked power supply so I can turn it off and one remotely, if I could just add a networked thermometer I would be so very happy.

PLEASE make a WIFI version, Bluetooth is so stupid.

Michael Mantion

How about one for a Blackberry? I need one!

Pete Esanbock

I personally like it. I rather be social than watching a 4\" thick Tri-Tip cook slowly on a BBQ. The best thick steaks take 45 minutes or an hour to ccok. This is a perfect solution... It is a bit pricey but still tech cool!

Facebook User

Pretty brilliant! I\'m out blue water cruising and always have my ipod on me to check almost anything onboard. Must have for giz-freaks!

Andreas Viltfjäll
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