IE9 takes top place in W3C HTML5 test


November 3, 2010

Internet Explorer has come top in current support for the next revision in the Internet's web page creation language, HTML5

Internet Explorer has come top in current support for the next revision in the Internet's web page creation language, HTML5

The next revision to the web document creation language has generated a lot of excitement in web circles, the most headline-grabbing change of course being the option for creators to choose how audio and video are delivered to a user's computer. The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) has just announced the results of a browser test where all of the top players were pitted against each other to see how well they cope with HTML5. And the winner is...

The W3C put the very latest builds of Opera, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer through a barrage of over 200 tests to determine HTML5 compatibility. While none of the browsers managed 100 per cent support for the whole of the forthcoming web specification, one of them did better than any of the others – Internet Explorer.

Internet Explorer 9 Platform Review 6 managed full marks in all but a couple of the main feature tests, with only Opera notching up a zero in the foreigncontent department. Chrome scored full marks in four of the seven feature categories, Firefox and Opera managed three and Safari just two.

The test suite consists of challenges agreed to by the HTML Working Group, and testing is ongoing. Current results can be viewed at the HTML5 test suite conformance page.

So, it's a "well done" to Microsoft and a "must do better" to the others. There's still a bit of time to work on problem areas, though, as the specification is still in working draft format.

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Not gonna use IE THIS IS A Firefox FAMILY Firefox will will update and come out on top

Bill Bennett

IE9 does not work with XP, I don\'t that developers can rely on wide adoption for YEARS.

So they made a new browser that doesn\'t change the marketplace due to adoption. Another epic failure by MS.


If IE scored a full 100% I still would not trust them. Like Bennett says, Firefox will improve and come out on top!

Will, the tink

lol, IE has had sandboxing features since IE8 and I still haven\'t seen that in Firefox. Still waiting for the update... Netscape lost the browser war, and it\'s going to lose it again.

Joshua Issac
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