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Ideum breaks out 4K versions of its large screen multitouch tables and walls


January 2, 2014

Ideum has announced 4K versions of its Platform, Pro, Presenter, Drafting and Pano multitouch tables and walls

Ideum has announced 4K versions of its Platform, Pro, Presenter, Drafting and Pano multitouch tables and walls

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In September last year, Finland's MultiTouch revealed an Ultra High Definition 84-inch MultiTaction display at its annual developer conference. Though made available for pre-order a few weeks later, the high resolution, monster cells won't actually go into production until later this year. Meanwhile New Mexico's Ideum has announced that 4K versions of its 55-, 65- and 100-inch multitouch tables and interactive walls will start to ship from later this month.

The four-fold resolution upgrades will be available on the Ideum's 55-inch Platform and Pro models, its 55- and 65-inch Presenter touch walls, the 55- and 65-inch versions of the recently-announced Drafting models, and the enormous 100-inch Pano. The company's Jim Spadaccini also told Gizmag that "we are already filling our first order for an 8K, 100-inch table."

Unveiled last month, the new Platform Drafting Table's display is angled at 30 degrees for a digital take on architectural, design and construction drawing tables. Housed in aircraft-grade aluminum, and coming with a fully-integrated Core i7 PC, the 3840 x 2160 resolution 55- and 65-inch models can support up to 40 simultaneous touch points, benefit from a 7 ms touch response time and boast Wireless-N, Bluetooth, HDMI and USB connectivity.

The UHD Platform, Pro and Drafting tables are due to ship later this month, with the 7540 x 2160 resolution Pano table and Presenter touch walls following in February. Each multitouch table and touch wall comes with Windows 7 or 8, a lifetime license for the company's GestureWorks SDK authoring package, and GestureWorks Gameplay. Standard HD table and wall configurations continue to be available.

Source: Ideum

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That lady needs a long skinny one - about 15" wide by about 3 ft tall just for the sticky pad notes on the wall ... Good for making lists of to do stuff also.

WayneAnd William Miller
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