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November 20, 2008

The Logic3 i-Station Rotate

The Logic3 i-Station Rotate

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November 21, 2008 Logic3 has come to the rescue of all those iPhone and iPod Touch users who have been straining their necks sideways so they can watch full screen videos while the iPhone or iPod is housed in their speaker dock. The i-Station Rotate is an iPhone/iPod speaker dock that features a clever built-in rotating mechanism that allows an iPhone, iPod Touch, or new iPod nano to be turned sideways for watching videos in all their widescreen glory.

Designed for portability the iStation Rotate weighs 1.5-pounds, is just 12.5-inches wide, 5-inches high and 2-inches thick, and runs on 4 AA batteries or mains power to provide 10W of audio output power (5W + 5W RMS) through a power efficient Class D Amplifier.

The unit also features TDMA noise suppression technology to remove static interference when your iPhone rings or when surfing the web while the video out function allows video from an iPhone/iPhone 3G, iPod nano 3G/4G, iPod classic and iPod touch 1G/2G to be displayed on a TV. The included remote control provides iPhone/iPod menu navigation and the unit even charges for your iPhone or iPod.

The unit is also compatible with a wide range of other media devices thanks to the 3.5mm stereo line in socket.

The Logic3 i-Station Rotate is available for USD$129.

Via: engadget.

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