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i-flow concept showcases Hyundai's eco-friendly vision


March 7, 2010

Hyundai i-flow concept

Hyundai i-flow concept

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Hyundai Motor Company has rolled out the latest addition to its Blue Drive™ line-up at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show - the i-flow. Sharing similar lines to the Blue Will Concept shown in Detroit in January (though it drops the "criss cross" effect on the side of the vehicle), the concept hybrid certainly lives up to its name... flow it does. The aerodynamic skin, coupled with the use of lightweight materials, solar panels and innovative design elements like an adaptive front spoiler and side rocker blades, add up to a claimed fuel efficiency of 3L/100km and CO2 output of just 85g/km.

Hyundai says the i-flow slick lines and boat-tail rear add up to an impressive aerodynamic drag coefficient of just 0.25 Cd, putting it on par with the Volkswagen L1 and the 2010 Toyota Prius.

Hyundai i-flow concept

Hyundai's first dip at a diesel-electric hybrid powertrain uses a new 1.7-litre two-stage turbocharged engine (dubbed 'U2'), a six-speed, dual-clutch transmission and the company's Lithium Ion-Polymer battery technology.

The flowing lines continue inside the cabin including a large contoured screen which Hyundai says recognizes not only touch, but also gesture input.

ix35 Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle

The company is also showcasing its Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric (FCEV) technology with a fuel cell version of the ix35. The display model uses 21kW LiPoly electrical storage batteries which are already in mass production and induction motors instead of permanent magnet-type motors. Hyundai believes these innovations will assist in its goal of getting series manufacture of FCEVs for fleet customers in South Korea underway by 2012.


is this car a plug in hybrid or just a normal hybrid like the toyota prius?

i'm a korean and i really look foward to seeing this car on the road in a couple of years.

bio-power jeff
8th March, 2010 @ 01:16 am PST

Finally someone steps up with a diesel electric hybrid! Huge kudos Hyundai!!

8th March, 2010 @ 04:30 am PST

nice !!

Husnil Amar
12th March, 2010 @ 03:39 am PST
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