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Hyundai's 2015 Genesis puts Google Glass users in the driver's seat


January 6, 2014

The new BlueLink app for wearable electronics will let owners control their car more easily

The new BlueLink app for wearable electronics will let owners control their car more easily

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Hyundai has demonstrated a Google Glassware app that enhances the features of its cloud-based Blue Link remote control and infotainment system. Hyundai's 2015 Hyundai Genesis sedan will be the first in the Korean automaker's fleet to take advantage of the new technology designed for users of wearable gadgets, such as Google Glass.

With smart phones already making use of Blue Link, Google Glass implementation was logical, but required different design decisions to accommodate the small screens of Google Glass and other wearable gadgets. Information is presented as cards, and users can also receive push notifications about upcoming maintenance or schedule service calls.

Blue Link was announced in 2011, and recently acquired Google Maps integration. But the carmaker has revealed a raft of new features that will debut in the 2015 Hyundai Genesis, with the new app mirroring what is available to smartphone users.

These features, which were announced at CES, include Google-powered destination search, Find My Car, point of interest search, calling roadside assistance and Blue Link agents, locating nearby Hyundai dealers, automatic collision notification (ACN) and SOS emergency assistance, remote vehicle start (with engine timer), remote stop, remote locking/unlocking, remote climate control and remote defroster.

Google Glass Explorers will be able to download the app, but will need a Blue Link subscription and compatible vehicle to make use of the features.

The 2015 Genesis will debut this (Northern Hemisphere) spring.

Source: Hyundai

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I can't be the only one who is increasingly concerned at the number of distracting temptations that technology is presenting to drivers these days. Fine if everybody is in autonomous vehicles, but until then, I'd be happier if people were paying attention to what they and others are doing on the road. It's scary enough now when they just have mobiles (cells) and SatNavs to play with as they weave through the traffic.

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