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Hyundai unveils its first sedan-style FCEV in Seoul


April 6, 2011

Hyundai's Blue2 fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV) concept at the 2011 Seoul Motor Show

Hyundai's Blue2 fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV) concept at the 2011 Seoul Motor Show

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Hyundai unveiled its new mid-size hydrogen powered fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV) concept this week at the 2011 Seoul Motor Show. Powered by a 90 kW (120 hp) electric motor that delivers fuel economy of 34.9 km/L (82.1 mpg), the Blue2 (pronounced "Blue square") is intended as a "blue" print for the automaker's future sedans.

The concept car gets its moniker from a combination of Hyundai's 'Blue-Drive' sub eco-brand and the number '2' from H2, the symbol for hydrogen gas.

With an exterior design that Hyundai calls "Intersected Flow," the Blue2 features a wraparound windscreen and a distinct glossy black line that sweeps down from the bottom of the C-pillar to the lower rear of the front wheel well.

LED screen panels on the exterior at the front and rear display messages about the condition of the vehicle and joining the growing trend of concept vehicles, the design ditches the conventional side mirrors in favor of cameras. There's also side cameras and a roof camera.

The Blue2 also boasts a welcome system that recognizes the driver and will automatically open the doors, while inside wider seats are designed to let passengers enter and exit the vehicle more easily.

The cluster and center fascia have been combined and incorporate a Transparent Organic Light Emitting Diode (TOLED) monitor and ultra-light tempered Gorilla Glass. Operating the infotainment system is accomplished with a Motion Sensor Moustick, which comprises a haptic wheel and motion sensor that responds to the driver's touch and hand movements.

As well as cleaner emissions from the tailpipe, (i.e. water vapor), the Blue2 also includes an ionizer to freshen the air inside the vehicle as well as antibacterial leather seats.

i45 petrol hybrid

Hyundai also unveiled its first petrol hybrid model on home turf at the 2011 Seoul Motor Show. The i45 hybrid, which made its world debut at the 2010 New York International Auto Show, is equipped with a Nu2.0 Hybrid engine delivering 148 hp, which combines with the 30 kW electric motor outputting 40 hp for a peak output of 188 hp. The i45 mid-size sedan also boasts a best in its class fuel economy of 21 km/L (49.4 mpg). It will hit the market in Korea before mid-year 2011.

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Remember, hydrogen is no less clean than battery-powered electric cars... then energy to make hydrogen gas and electricity come from the same power sources. Just sayin\'.

But, it would be nice to have the fast fill-up of hydrogen, once we get the infrastructure in place to be able to drive cross-country without range anxiety or the need for dino-fuel range extenders. ;)

Matt Rings
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